What is group behaves like sub ledger in advance group creation screen

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You May have understood the group concept in Tally.What is a group & How groups are created?.In this guide we will try to understand  the option Group behaves like a Sub ledger in tally erp 9. Many Tally users are confused about whether activate this option or not. When activating Group behaves like sub ledger you will not see the ledger wise break-up of that particular group. You can view only the summary of that group as sub ledger.Below explanation will give you more clarity on the subject.

Lets make change existing Sundry Debtors Group to activate this option Group Behaves like sub ledger.

Go to Account Info>>Group>>Alter

Select Sundry Debtors


Answer Yes to the Question “Group behaves like a Sub ledger”

What will Group behaves like a Sub-Ledger will do in reporting?

View Report by disabling option : First we are Disabling the option ( Set No to group behaves like sub ledger). and viewing a trail balance. You will all ledgers with its balances grouped under Sundry Debtors.

Display>>Trail balance

Click on F1 : Detailed  Button or use shot cut Key Alt + F1 

Now you are in detailed report of Trail balance.

The Image will speak to you rather than explaining.

Group behave like sub ledger set to no

View Report by Enabling option: If Set Yes, The report will show only the Summary and it behaves like a sub ledger. Even if you are viewing report in detail. You cannot see the ledger and its balance grouped under Sundry Debtors.

groups behave like subledger yes

I am sure this cleared your confusion regarding option Group Behaves like a sub ledger in Advance Group creation screen.


  • Noman


    Can you please help out me about Recording Bad Debts.

    In the accounting year end, I want to adjust Receivables against Bad debts. But I am facing problem in making of JV entry of bad debts.

    Their are 900 + Customers in our receivables record and I can’t adjust each Customer, now I want to adjust their Receivable Group with Bad debts.

    Kindly help me in this regard.

    Thank You

    • It should be done customer-wise, there is no option to adjust total amount to group sundry debtors. One more thing if you are not adjusting into each customer account ,the balance will remains the same. so you must adjust individual cuatomer-wise.

  • Manish

    Its From Nepal
    Can You Please Help Me out about Report Generation In Tally 7.2
    Whenever I Export The Trial Balance In Tally 7.2 The Closing Balance Is Shown In Net Effect (Means Balancing Figure Dr. and Cr. is Shown in Single Row) I need to Export in Dr. Balance in 1 Row and Cr. Balance In Next Row


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