How to delete a stock group in Tally ERP 9

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In some cases you may want to delete the stock group created due to various reasons like created stock item name as stock group or Group created but not actually required for the use.

Before go for deleting please make sure that the following things does not exists under the deleting groups.

  1. There will not be any sub group
  2. There will not be any stock item.
  3. No sale or purchase transaction exist under it.

In all above three situations you cannot delete .You have to correct such issues.

To delete

Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info> Stock groups>Alter

Select the stock group from the List.For example We are deleting Samsung.

Select the group from the list

Stock group Alteration screen will appear as under.

Stock group alteration screen

In the screen You will find a button ‘Delete’ in the bottom or Use shortcut key Alt +  D together.

Confirmation screen for deleting stock group

Click on Yes or hit Y from the Keyboard.The group will have deleted.

One comment

  • I have this issue. There is no sub group, no stock items or no sale purchase but I am still not able to delete it.


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