How to enter receipt note (GRN) voucher entry in tally erp 9?

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GRN Goods receipt note is a next stage Document of purchase order in the purchase management system. A GRN or Goods receipt note ensures accurate matching of goods received against Purchase order. The store keeper is required to prepare  a GRN along with the Supplier / Delivery Party ( Transporter) stating that the goods have been received as expected and forward to the payment department of the company so that ensure timely payment to the supplier. All the party involved in the buying process should keep a GRN So that the future dispute can  be resolved or decide who is responsible for the issue.

Steps to prepare GRN Goods receipt note.

  1. Receive the document of supply for example Invoice/ Delivery note etc.
  2. Unload the Material to the godown.
  3. Verify the No packages and  Quantity of item received is accurate with the Document.
  4. Check the physical condition of goods.
  5. Match The Material received with the purchase order issued.
  6. Inform the supplier for any discrepancy found.
  7. Match the price is accurate as per purchase order as already agreed.
  8. Prepare a GRN and copies have been issued to various departments, like purchase, accounts, store, Transporter, Supplier.

How to prepare Goods Receipt Note In tally erp 9 ?

Now back tally, Let’s learn the process to prepare Goods receipt note in tally erp 9. Before Moving To tally under stand what GRN will do in your tally software.

  • The receipt note voucher is a non-accounting voucher, The entry will not reflect in Ledger/party balance. Receipt note is entering at the time of goods received.
  • The receipt note voucher is an inventory voucher, The entry  of GRN will affect your stock.
  • One you entered Receipt note, The purchase invoice entry of the same goods received will only affects the ledger balance, The stock will not affect as the stock is affected at the time of entering GRN.

Example Of GRN :

On 01-04-2018  Abc Ltd have the following stocks in the Stock Register 

stock in hand

On 01-04-2018 Abc ltd is liable to pay A-one security 25000.

Just keep the above factors in mind.Now

Abc Ltd issued a Purchase order to A-one security  Ltd for  the following items. The purchase rates were as agreed earlier.


Item Nos Amount Gross GST 18 % Total
Filing Cabinet 25 8500 212500 38250 250750
Padlocks 100 450 45000 8100 53100


Learn How to prepare Purchase order ?

On 02-04-2018  A-one security Ltd delivered the same Items ,same rate,all correct. And received an Invoice A1-2458 for the same.Let’s start the process.

GRN entry In Godown by the store keeper or clerk.

Activation of GRN in tally

To get this feature activated go to

Gateway of Tally > F11 features >F2 Inventory

In the Other features listed  enable

Use tracking Numbers ( enables delivery and receipt notes) : Yes

activate Receipt notes

Now after checking and verification by store keeping department, Entered a GRN. Let’s see this in action.

Scenario : 1

Goods receipt note when you have NOT created a Purchase order in tally erp 9

Many small businesses  not issue a purchase order to the supplier, instead they just call and place order. In such cases the GRN entry will be as follows.

Gateway Of Tally >InvenTory Vouchers>Receipt Note

Shortcut Key : Alt +F9

Now in the Goods Receipt Note Voucher Enter enter the following details.

Reference No : This can be the Invoice Number  (A1-2458)  or Delivery Note Number  of supplier.

Party A/c Name :  A one Security Ltd,

Hit enter Key , The additional details of purchase will displayed. Fill up all the details in the supplementary screen.

Order Details : Enter the details of purchase order Given to the supplier.

Supplier’s Details: Enter all the details of Supplier,Name address, State GSTIN, etc.

supplementary screen -order details of

Purchase Ledger: Select the purchase ledger.

Select Item : Filing cabinet hit enter.

In the item allocation screen, You will find List of tracking number .

list of tracking numbers

You Will options

New Number: You can create a new tracking number here.

Not Applicable :  By selecting this ,tracking number will not be added , And while entering purchase you have to enter all items manually, Purchase voucher cannot pull data from Receipt Note.

Apart from the above, you will find two auto generated tracking number.

  1. First one is the voucher number of the GRN.
  2. second one is the reference number you entered in the GRN.

You can select any one the above two or create a new one by selecting New Number.

Here I am selecting the reference number entered A1-2458

Enter the item quantity & rate

Item allocation for item

If you have multiple tracking numbers like multiple invoices, you can select it in the next line.

In the same way select the next item, Tracking number enter quantity and amount.

Enter the tax amount and save.


Effects in the books after Goods Receipt Note entry

Let’s check, the affect of GRN in the books of account.

In Inventory Book

Let’s see what happened to our stock ,

Go to gateway of Tally >Stock summary.

Stcok affect of GRN Voucher entry

You will find the stock have been increased Filing cabinet by 25 Padlock by 100. So Goods receipt note affect Inventory.

Now let’s see the ledger of A one security ltd.

Display>Account Book>Ledger

The ledger stands the same balance 25000. Which means  receipt note does not affect accounts part.

Display > Statutory Reports>GST>GSTR-2

Let’s see the GSTR -2 Report, The RECEIPT NOTE entered will not affect GSTR report.

Purchase Bill entry of Goods receipt note

As you saw, Goods receipt note only affects inventory part and not on accounts part. To bring this purchase in Expense part and payable part, You have to enter this into purchase voucher. After goods delivery you might have received The Purchase Invoice  from supplier. We had used This invoice number as Tracking number in our example. Let’s enter this purchase in our accounts book.

Accounting Voucher > F9 Purchase

Supplier Invoice No : A1-2458

Date : 02-04-2018

Party A/c Name : A one Security Ltd, Hit enter, the supplementary screen will appear ,In this

Under Receipt note number ,you will find  list of ALL tracing numbers.In which the tracking number of above receipt note can be found. Select that Tracking number.

List of all tracking number in purchase invocie

Save the screen. You will see all the items entered in the receipt note have been imported into purchase voucher. You don’t need to input any thing now. Continue to use Enter Key and save the screen to finish the purchase voucher entry.

Purchase voucher from GRN

Save the screen.

Affects of accounts and inventory after Purchase voucher

You will find no changes In stock summary by entering this purchase voucher, as the stock was already affected by GRN.

Stcok affect of GRN Voucher entry

Party ledger is affected by this purchase invoice entry

Party Ledger balance

The GSTR-2 report

GSTR-2 is the report of inward supply under gst,This report has affected after this purchase entry.

GSTR-2 after purchase voucher from GRN

Goods Receipt note when you have created a Purchase order in tally erp 9

If you have activated order vouchers in tally and created a purchase order, Then The goods receipt note entry will be a little different.

These vouchers are entered in the below order to get the maximum benefits.

  1. Purchase Order ( Purchase order affects neither Stock nor Accounts )
  2. Receipt Note  ( Receipt Note affects inventory only)
  3. Purchase Voucher ( Purchase order affects both accounts depends on the existence of  Receipt note )

All the above vouchers are the part of a purchase management system and they are inter related.

Let’s see the above example if started with a Purchase order entry in tally erp 9.

On 01-04-2018 Abc Ltd issued a purchase order 

Learn How to create a purchase order in tally erp 9

Purchase order to supplier

On 02-04-2018 The same was delivered by Aone security system, Create a Receipt Note Then enter Purchase voucher.

  • The goods Receipt  note will be entered as .

Inventory Vouchers > Receipt Note

Select party And Hit Enter Key. In the supplementary details, You will find List of orders.

List of orders


Select the order and Hit enter key, enter other details. save the screen.

All the details from the purchase order is imported into GRN voucher.

Continue to hit enter key and save the screen.

As usual, stock have increased where no effect in the accounts.

  • Now enter Purchase Voucher as described above, Just select  the receipt note number and import the details to purchase voucher and save.

Purchase Bill Pending Report

Suppose Goods Received and entered GRN,But forgot to enter purchase bill. How to find out? There is a report in tally.

Display >Statement of Inventory>Purchase Bills Pending

Purchase bills pending

Here you will get all the details of pending purchase voucher. Hope this post helps.

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