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How to edit, delete units of measure in Tally ERP 9

Earlier in this series we have learned how to create a unit of measure, both simple units and compound units. Here you will learn how to edit or modify a unit  and how to delete a unit of measure in tally erp 9.

How to alter a Unit?

To edit a unit of measure, For example you have wrongly typed the formal name of unit  number. To rectify this you have to go to.

Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info>Unit of Measure>Alter

Alter units in tally

Select the desires units,you want to make changes.Press enter.

Unit alteration screen

Make necessary changes in the screen and save. You are done.

How to delete a unit in tally?

It is very rare that we want to delete a unit of measure.Before knowing deleting a unit, you must know when can you delete a unit.

  1. You cannot delete a unit by which you have entered a voucher ( purchase, sales, receipt note)
  2. You cannot delete a simple unit by which you have created a compound unit out of it.

In above criteria matches, the delete button will not be active in the screen.

TO delete a unit go to

Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info>Unit of Measure>Alter

You will directed to the same unit alteration screen. In the bottom of the screen you can see a delete button active.

Delete unit

Click on Delete button or use short cut key Alt+D . a confirmation will be asked to delete yes or no.


Click Yes or Press Enter to complete the deletion.

If in any case,a unit cannot be deleted, the delete button will become inactive as shown in the below figure.

Delete button inactive in unit alteration screen

Hope, There is nothing complected in this lesson,everything is easy to learn.

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