How to add and Print PAN number in Invoice & vouchers

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Today We can have a small tutorial about adding PAN Number and how this number get printed on receipt voucher and Invoices like, VAT invoice, Service Tax invoice & Excise invoices.

In Many company Invoices you may have noticed ,the PAN Number is mentioned somewhere in the bill.This will helpful to the party in case your bill is attracting TDS  like TDS on professional services .Then they can easily deduct 10% TDS without asking PAN Number.Otherwise they will deduct 20% as Non submission of PAN will result 20% TDS.

How to Add PAN number to tally?

To add a PAN to the company go to

F11 Features> F3 Statutory

In the statutory and taxation configuration, you will find an option PAN/Income tax no:

Enter PAN number in tally

Enter your company PAN Number in that column. Enter and ave the screen.

PAN Printing in Invoice.

Lets, print PAN in an Invoice or bill. Access any sales voucher in alteration mode.

Click Alt+ P or click Print Button to access voucher print dialogue box.

Print dialogue box Now click on F12 Configure button provided at the right button panel.


Print Company’s PAN/Income Tax No   : Yes

Print Party’s PAN/Income Tax No: Yes

Now both the company’s and Party’s PAN Number printed in the Invoice.

Invoice with PAN Printed


PAN Number Printing In Receipt Voucher


  • Click Print Button on any receipt voucher
  • Print dialouge box will open click F12 Configuration.
  • Configuration screen will open
  • Make Print Company’s PAN/IT Number: Yes
  • Then Print.

PAN Number Printing In Payment Advice

  • Click Print Button on any bank payment voucher
  • Print dialogue box will open, press back space
  • Print Payment Advice :Yes, press enter and locate
  • Print Company’s PAN /IT Number: Yes

Now the PAN Number will be printed in Payment Advice.

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