How to create Proforma Invoice in Tally ERP 9

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You might have seen some invoice named as Proforma Invoice .This is type of invoice is generating before an actual sale is happening or before generating actual bill. Lets learn how to do this in Tally ERP 9.

What is a proforma Invoice ?

A proforma invoice is simply a document that declares the seller’s commitment to provide the goods or services specified to the buyer at certain prices.


ABC Ltd is a crushing Machinery Dealer. And their sales people are talking to XYZ Ltd for buying their products. And XYZ Agreed to buy JAW Crusher for 3500000.00.ABC Ltd sent a quotation to XYZ.In the terms and condition ABC Ltd asked for a 50% advance before delivery. But XYZ Ltd asked for a Proforma Invoice for making 50% advance payment.

To create it  in Tally you have to activate the following option.

F11 Features>F1 Accounting Features

Use Reversing Journals and optional vouchers: Yes

Option Use Reversal journal and optional vouchers

How to make proforma Invoice in Tally ERP 9

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher>F8 Sales

Enter the sales voucher as usual

Sales voucher normal

In the voucher you will find a button Optional on the right button panel. Click on it or Use Shortcut key Ctrl + L to activate Optional Voucher.

Optional sales voucher

Now save the voucher by pressing Ctrl+A

Print Proforma Invoice In Tally.erp9

To issue proforma invoice to the party,you need to print this.To print follow the instruction below.

Now Access the Voucher in Alteration mode by pressing PageUp Key or from Display>Daybook

Click on Print Button or Use short key Alt + P.

Print Proforma Invoice

In the voucher printing dialogue box you will find the title name as PROFORMA INVOICE.  Print the voucher.It will be printed as shown below.

Proforma Invoice

This voucher will not reflect in your books of accounts. Or in sales register or sales account. But later you can covert the same optional sales voucher to regular sales voucher by clicking Regular button provided at the right bottom of the voucher screen.


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