How to print company logo in invoice of Tally ERP 9

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Printing a logo of your company in your Sales invoice, Tax invoice is a good practice for every business even a small scale business take advantage of it.So What is the advantages I am talking about. Not very big the client will have a feeling that your company is a professional one.As a part of standardization of your business organisation you can add a company log to your VAT Invoice,Service Invoice and Excise Invoice.A good looking invoice can earn customer trust and appreciation which help you in the long run of business maintaining a good customer relationship.

We can add logo to selected vouchers,Invoices & reports

So Adding a log o to your company invoice is that easy. Lets do it.

Tally logo path

Place your company logo in any folder of the computer. For example C:\Image

Logo location

So your logo path of tally erp 9 is C:/Image/logo.jpg. Most importantly the file extension jpg or bmp must be accompany with the file name in the logo path.

The logo file should be BMP or JPEG, The recommended size of logo is  96 x 80 ( measurement in pixel).

Now Go to F11 Features >F1 Accounts

Enable logo printing

Enable Company Logo? : Yes ,Press enter a screen will appear where company logo path will be inserted.

Enter the logo path in the column provided.

Company logo

Press enter.The screen will come back to configuration screen.

Configuration to save logo printing

Press enter to save.

Now print any sales invoice,Voucher, Receipt. The logo will get printed on the left side top of the invoice.

Tally invoice logo

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