How to set Invoice prefix and suffix in Tally ERP9

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In this guide you will learn how to set invoice number ( No)  in tally erp 9 or voucher numbering in tally, little bit advance mode. By default Tally ERP9 comes with invoice or voucher number staring from 1. Here we can understand how to set invoice numbering with prefix and suffix , and how to set invoice number manually.

In our Previous post had a discussion about voucher type in tally, What is voucher type? How to create it edit and delete, etc. In this post we will discuss how to set prefix and suffix for invoice numbers in Tally ERP9

Advance Voucher Numbering or Custom voucher numbering in tally erp9

You may have noticed some stylish and long tailed Invoice Numbers or custom invoice numbers Like  ST/00085/2015-16 .There are three parts are there.

  1. First part :  Prefix  –   ST/
  2. Second Part :Invoice Number  – 00085
  3. Third Part is : Suffix –       /2015-16

Checkout a detailed post on invoice numbering here

How to set prefix and suffix in invoice number?

Today we are going to learn how to create this type of invoice numbers. This comes under Voucher Type Creation or alteration Screen by enabling option advance configuration of the “Method of Voucher Numbering”.

You can either read our below step by step guide or watch our video tutorial regarding this.

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounts Info >>Voucher Types>>Alter

You can either create a new voucher type or alter existing voucher type.Here we are doing it by editing existing voucher type.This is why we have selected “Alter“.Otherwise we would have selected create menu.

  • Select sales from the list

voucher type selection

Now we are in voucher type alteration screen

  • Press enter and Locate Method Of Voucher Numbering : This must be  any one of the following, automatic, automatic ( manual override) Multi user our example we are selecting automatic.
  • Just below Method of Voucher Numbering find option Use Advance Configuration. set this to “Yes”

voucher type voucher numbering option

Press Enter,We will have a new screen

The first question is

  • Starting Number : Some companies starts invoice number from 1, and some prefer 1001 onwards, some chooses 101 etc. We can use 101
  • Width of Numerical Part: This option asking you the maximum number of digits in your invoice number up to the end of a period. you should have rough estimate of how many invoice numbers in a period. we can estimate 10000 invoice will have generated. Then stating from 101 our last invoice number will be 10100. This number has 5 digits. So width of numerical part is 5
  • Prefill with zero: If you set this option yes 101 will become 00101.means always invoice number keeps 5 digit numerical width.

Come to the first left column

Restart Numbering 

  • Applicable from : This asking the date for starting new style of invoice numbering ,Lets enter 1 April 2015
  • Starting number : Should be the same number of above : 101
  • Particulars: In particulars Tally asking you when will this invoice number restarts. Some  restarts invoice number monthly, some daily, some weekly and in most cases yearly.In our case yearly.

types of restart periods

  • Select Yearly and come to next field prefix details.
  • Applicable from : Prefix Applicable date ,Choose the same date or you can override by choosing different 1-april-2015.
  • Particulars : write the prefix you want in our case “ST/” ,in our case prefix is the abbreviation of our company name Shisana Technologies. Like that anything can be used as prefixes.

Come to next Suffix details by pressing Enter Key.

  • Applicable date : same 1-april-2015
  • Particulars : The suffix in our case it is our current financial year, “/2015-16” ,You can choose your own suffixes.

This is the final screen shot after entering all datas in Voucher numbering advance configuration.

invoice suffix and prefix screen


  • Press enter key, you will come back to voucher type alteration screen.
  • Press enter key to save that screen too.

We have done It.

Now go to

Accounting Vouchers from gateway of tally erp9.

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Voucher>>F8

Access sales voucher type by pressing F8 Function Key or click on sales button.

sales invoice number with suffix and prefixs

See the above image,In that you can find the invoice number with prefix and suffix as we had set.

The same method can be used in Purchase invoices, payment vouchers,receipt vouchers for making stylish numbering and easy to mange book keeping..

How to set Invoice Number manually in Tally ERP9?

This is a related queries regarding invoice numbering in Tally ERP9.You can set invoice number manually by following Instructions below.

Gateway of Tally>>Accounts Info >>Voucher Types>>Alter

  • Select the purchase voucher type
  • In the purchase voucher type locate Method of voucher numbering 
  • Choose the the Type of Numbering as Manual as shown in the image below.

Manual Invoice numbering option in voucher type

Press enter and save the voucher type.

Now while entering voucher in the purchase voucher type, you can enter voucher number manually in Tally erp 9.

Manual number in voucher

Clear your doubts if any by commenting below. any community members or site admin may help you regarding doubts.



  • saleem

    I have a doubt:
    5 sale entry have been posted with auto voucher numbering , say 1, 2, 3,4 and 5
    voucher 2 is deleted. voucher nos. 3,4 and 5 become 2,3 and 4. how to avoid?

  • ABC

    we have to do this every year ? for suffix……

    • No ,When you split company, it will transferred to new company.

    • hemal

      what if i do not split my company will it restart or have to restart our self for e.g i have kept suffix as / 15-16 for F.Y 15-16 and for F.Y 16-17 suffix will automatically change to /16-17 if i do not split my company

  • Khan

    I have a Query:
    5 sale entry have been posted with auto voucher numbering , say 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 in dated 5th of month
    now i want post a sale entry in dated 2nd in same month but i want voucher number must be 6. how its possible?

    • I think it is not possible in Tally.ERP 9, If it is absolutely necessary, then try creating a fresh sales voucher type starting with number 6.

  • Jerry

    Is it possible to use same invoice number series for retail and tax invoice in tally erp 9 ?

    eg: AB/16-17/001 for tax invoice and AB/16-17/8b/002 for retail invoice

    • In your example Invoice Number mentioned is different, that 8b is suffixed with the second one , hence you can use the same.

  • Nabeela

    How can I set sales voucher automatically from last year ?

    When I try to set automaticallly, duplicated number appear from january 2016 .
    How can I sort this problem
    Our starting invoice is 1000

    Pls provide me sufficient steps

    • Hello Nabeela,
      Is January 2016 is the starting of a new financial year? Then there is no chance for a duplicate ,If you are trying to use the same invoice number in the same financial year ,then it is not possible Unless you are using a different suffix/prefix for the invoice.
      For further help, please provide me all details like financial year you are in, are you using April to march or Jan to Dec as FY,invoice number you are using, Format of invoice like any Suffix or prefix is using etc.


    i have a lots of bill book and and example bill book no is G-7001 TO G-7200 NEXT BILL BOOK G-7201 TO G-7300 AFTER COMPLETE THAT G SERIES WILL START H SERIES SO HOW CAN I SET IT AUTOMATIC

      1. Just create a new voucher type under sales
        Method of voucher numbering : Automatic
        In advanced configuration provide prefix details as H/
        You can start entering in H Series

      Hope this is clear

  • Narendra

    How can i keep continuing one sales invoice minimised and open another sales invoice to work on in tally 9

    • Your Question is not giving me a clear Idea,But Guess that you are using Two sales voucher type for sales entry. Once you are working on a voucher , you cannot enter another voucher without quitting current voucher. But you can open another Tally load same company and use another voucher type.


    Sir, how to prevent duplicate ‘new reference’ in sales entry when the method of voucher numbering is automatic.

    • Hope you are asking about Reference number for maintaining bill by bill details.
      This option is already there in tally erp9, for example you have created a bill with invoice number 1, the invoice bill number becomes the reference number automatically, and for second bill,number will be 2 and ref no is also become 2, but if you tries to change the ref no as 1 for the second invoice tally will alert you with a message “1” has been used earlier!


    Sir, Is there any process by which during voucher entry taxable & vat tax amount calculated automatically & shifted to respective ledger by putting only retail invoice total amount one time since our retail invoice are manual and amount is including tax.

  • Mohamed Ashiq

    Sir, How ta maintain the cafeteria accounts in tally erp 9 and then how to posting the entry in capital expenditure in tally erp 9. please help me to clear my doubts

  • Mohamed Ashiq

    sir how to posting capital expenditure in tally erp 9.


    Sir, how to preset output vat 5%, 13.5% & Rounding off in sales vouchers so that when I put details of sold item taxable amount tax immediately calculated without selecting the respective tax ledgers.

  • Basheer

    I am using auto invoice number. After given an invoice to my customer (eg. Invoice no: 10), i have inserted some invoice before inv. 10 and the given invoice number pushed larger number. Now i want to keep that given 10th invoice without date change. How it can possible sir?

  • sir,
    we want to apply automatic numbering in purchase order. we are in service sector. we placed the order in sector wise & site wise. we are manually feeding the numbers for p o.
    i.e veil/16-17/ cap/zinc/rudrapur/ 121. company name/f.y./category/ sector/ location.
    suggest us for how to give/ process automatically numbering in tally erp 9.


  • Dimple Manakiwala

    One of our clients using Tally ERP 9 Release 4.93 with Sales Invoices set on Auto numbering is having issue of Invoice No.duplicating every now and then. Another issues is that occasionally an invoice number or two have changed from the record even after printing the invoice.

    The Audit trail does not show any alterations after preparation of the invoices. They Tally support persons are simply unable to figure out why this is happening. The client uses multi-user through LAN.

  • T.Agarwal

    My voucher serial no.s are going as usual 1,2,3,4,5,….. but we have changed the billing no. from 105 to directly to 201 from next month and there will no vouchers from 106 to 199.
    Is it possible to maintain voucher no.s serially for some month & maintain serial no. automatically with new starting no. from next month

  • Arjun Machina

    I have posted the sale entries first and later edited the Voucher Nos. Can I rearrange my invoices in ascending order of Voucher Nos?

  • Ejajpathan

    How to change name mrp to sale rate in expinv

  • shiv

    i have 6 warehouses where in we want sync data with server in office. is it possible to give different auto invoice numbers for all warehouses which will sync as per the warehouse invoice numbers

  • Ajit

    Is voucher no. and invoice no. are different? My tally not showing supplier invoice no. and date field.


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