How to create a ledger when you are in voucher creation screen or while entering data in tally?

Assume that you are working in a busy schedule and entering many transactions in tally, when you are in the middle of a transaction, found one ledger is not created yet .Assume that Discount received ledger is not in our company. In such a case what will you do?

You might quit the voucher entry screen, and got Accounts info menu to create a ledger and follow the ledger creation procedure.

This is unfair while you are working pace. To avoid leaving voucher entry screen tally gives us an option of creating ledger from voucher screen

Let’s see how to create ledger from voucher entry screen

Example: Create a Discount received ledger while you are working with accounting voucher

vocuher entry screen

In the above screen, the cursor is under particulars area, form here Use short cut key Alt + C, a new screen will appear, which is called ledger creation (Secondary) screen.

secondary voucher creation screen

Create “Discount received “ledger. If you don’t know how to create ledger, click here. Save the screen.

The ledger newly created will have selected automatically in the voucher we were in the beginning.

alt+c ledger created

This is very useful feature in tally; it helps faster data entry and gives more flexibility.

By introducing this voucher creation screen, tally classify the ledger creation screen in to two

Primary Ledger creation screen: This is the normal ledger creation screen, to access this screen

Accounts info>> Ledger >> Create

Secondary Ledger creation screen: This is the ledger creation screen that can only be accessed by pressing Alt+C from a voucher.

The only difference is that the secondary ledger creation screen does not have the option to enter opening balance.

The video tutorial for secondary ledger creation available below

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