Maintain bill-wise details & Agewise analysis,Outstanding reports in Tally ERP9

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Option Maintain bill-wise details in Tally ERP 9 is used to maintain Outstanding reports of customers and suppliers. That is ,Tally ERP 9 helps to maintain & track Accounts RECEIVABLE and Accounts PAYABLE based on every bill. Tally is providing the flexibility of maintaining Bill-wise details of Non trading accounts also.That is if you are trading machinery and purchasing stationery. In such case purchase of machinery falls under Trading  A/c and purchase of Stationery falls under Non Trading a/c.

Example Transactions for Maintain bill-wise details in Tally ERP 9

In this Guide We are Using Following Sales and receipt transactions for Bill-wise details.

Example transaction for Bill-wise details tutorials

Opening Balance Bill-wise details of customers

Opening balance bill-wise break up


How to activate Maintain bill-wise details in Tally ERP 9

The first step is activation of bill-wise details.To do this

Go to Gateway of Tally > F11

Maintain bill-wise details in Tally ERP 9

Enter and accept the screen.Now the bill-wise details in Tally ERP9 activated.

Create Customer Ledger with Bill-wise details activated.

To Create customer Ledger,Go to

Gateway of Tally>Accounting Info> Ledger>Create.

Here is a complete guide on how to create Ledger.

Create customer ledger

Fill all details as usual. I will explain some points that are specifically focused for maintain bill-wise details.

Maintain balance bill-by-bill : This option will automatically activated by displaying ‘Yes‘ ,as we have activated Maintain bill-wise details in F11 Features.

Check for credit days during voucher entry?: If you set this option ‘Yes’,Tally will warns you if the party exceeds the credit period and about pending outstanding.

Now Enter the opening balance in the column at the end of the screen.

Opening balance

Press enter,You will have a new screen, in which you can enter the bill-wise details of opening balance of that particular customers.

That is CUSTOMER A’s  Opening balance is 15000 which includes 2 bills,Bill No  AB215 =10000+ Bill No AB 520 = 5000.

see below image.


In the screen you can find the following options.

Date:  enter the bill date ,the date in which bill was generated in previous Financial Year.

Name: Here name refers the bill number.

Due date or credit days: enter bill due date or total credit period, here we are giving 30 days as credit period, the system will automatically calculate the due date and display just below of credit days.

Press enter and save both the screen.

Create all customer ledger as explained above.

How to enter sales Voucher entry when Maintain bill-wise detail is activated.

We know how to enter sales voucher entry in Tally ERP 9.

Sales Transactions of Customer A.

On 1-4-2016 sold goods for  5000

Go to Gateway of Tally >Accounting Vouchers>  F8 -Sales

Remember ,Customer A has an outstanding balance of 15000 as opening balance, which is already overdue.

In the sales voucher entry screen, when selecting customer A, Tally display a warning message which is the effect of activating ‘Check for credit days during voucher entry‘ in the ledger creation screen.

warning message of overdue bills


Press enter , if you still ready to give some more goods on credit. Enter sales voucher details

Sales voucher of customer A

Enter all customers transactions chronologically or in the order as it is happened.

Enter Receipt voucher When bill-wise details is activated.

Receipt Transaction of Customer B.

We all know what is receipt and how to enter receipt transactions in Tally ERP9.

On 2/04/2016 Cash Received from customer B  14500.

Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounting Voucher> F6 Receipt.

Receipt voucher entry

After entering receipt amount, press enter key you will get a bill-wise details of customer, In which bill you can allocate amount received.

Bill-wise allocation screen of receipt

In the screen You can see a small dialogue box in which four options are available.

Advance:  This option is selected when you receive an advance from customer.

Agst Ref: This is used when you are adjusting receipt amount against a pending bill.

New Ref: This option is used when you are creating a new bill, used when entering sales voucher.

On Account: This option is used when you are not sure,against which bill the payment received. You can use On Account for keeping adjustment as pending ,and later you can adjust against correct bill.

Here choose Agst Ref, and press enter you will get a list of pending bills.

List of pending bills in receipt voucher

Select First in first out until total amount,14500 expires, here the total of total of three bills tallies receipt amount.

amount selected against pending bills

Total amount Tallies 3 bills. Which means there is not part payment against bills. each bills cleared in full.

Here is the final screen shot of Receipt voucher.

Receipt voucher after allocation pending invoice

Save the voucher by  pressing Enter Key or Short-cut key Ctrl + A.

Note:Part payment adjustment.

If a customer is giving a round amount which is not equal to bill amount. For example.Customer E has 12000 pending amount Against bill no AB852 And customer is giving 1000 only, in such case allocate 1000 against bill AB852 ,That bill shows a pending of 11000 only in report.

Enter all receipt voucher as in the example table.

Viewing outstanding  bill-wise report.

Next and the ultimate of aim of bill-wise entry is getting report for a better outstanding management.

Using these report you can analyse Outstanding receivables and Outstanding Payables. The benefits are.

  • Can view Pending bills
  • Can view overdue bills only
  • Can view age-wise analysis report of receivables and payables.
  • Can view ledger-wise pending bills
  • Can view Group wise outstanding summery.

To View reports of Receivable

Gateway of Tally >Display>Statement of Accounts>Outstanding>Receivable

Change the period of Report by pressing  F2

This is a typical Bill-wise outstanding Report of Receivables.Billwise outstanding report of receivables

In this report you can view bill date,number customer name,pending amount,Due date and also showing over due by days. That is how many days passed after due day is over.

You can access view party-wise outstanding report by clicking  Bill-party wise button or F7 from this report.

How Prepare Age-wise Analysis Report.

To Age-wise analysis report Click on Age wise Button on the right button panel.

Age wise button

On Clicking the button You will get a screen where you can define the ageing methods.

Method of ageing

There are two option

Ageing by bill date : Bill age calculated from bill date

Ageing by Due Date: Bill age calculated from Due date

Lets Select Ageing by bill date.

You will get an ageing alteration screen, enter date range like

  • 0-30
  • 30-60
  • 60-90

Ageing day range selection

You can set any range. Press Enter and save, You will get age-wise analysis report like below image.

Debtors age-wise analysis report

By looking at this report, We can easily analyse the best paying customers and worst paying customers. so that accelerate the collection process.

To View outstanding  reports of Payable

Gateway of Tally >Display>Statement of Accounts>Outstanding>Payable.

In this tutorial we have not created any Payable outstanding, That amount pending to supplier .But you can create bill-wise details of sundry creditors using the same method.

View Customer Ledger wise Outstanding

To view ledger wise outstanding

Gateway of Tally >Display>Statement of Accounts>Outstanding>Ledger 

Select the Customer Ledger, In our example Let’s select Customer A, the Report look like this.

Customer ledger wise bill-wise outstanding report

Group wise outstanding report.

Gateway of Tally >Display>Statement of Accounts>Outstanding>Group

Select the Group, Say Sundry Debtors.

You will get a summary of outstanding in that particular Group, Here you will get summary of Receivables. Here is the screen shot of Group-wise outstanding report.

Group-wise outstanding summary report



  • Aryabhatt

    Thank you very much for this Excellent Tutorial. Is there any way in tally to disallow creation of new bill if customer is yet to clear his previous bill ?

    if Previous bill amt is not paid up, no new transaction for that customer…

  • awin

    Dear sir

    I have entered bill for customer A, when customer A is paying me i cannot find the bill for adjustment, i am having this issue froma along time. Greatful your help.

    The date is correct, say bill is billed in 1/9/17 and payment recieved in 10/9/17, the bill appears in ledger but does not appear in outstanding report and under method of adjustment in reciept screen.


    How to set off (bill to bill )the advance amount received against bill generated on a later date. This bill generated doesnot reflect in the set off window when we try to set off the bill payment from receipt window. outstanding amount is shown in ageing analysis but unable to set off from the earlier advance receipt.


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