Most useful short cut keys in tally erp 9

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Let’s discuss some most useful short-cut keys in tally erp 9, I am sharing the shortcut keys that were used by me while i was working with tally erp 9. These shortcut keys help you in speed up your work.

ALT+C  shortcut key for creating masters while voucher entry screen.

This is one of the most used short-cut key in tally, you can create masters like, ledger, stock item, units of measures while entering a voucher. For example while creating a sales invoice found that customer ledger is not already exists. Use key combination ALT+C while you are at ledger selection field of voucher entry screen. you will get a secondary ledger creation screen. create customer ledger and save, will take you back to the voucher entry screen and can proceed with billing instantly.

ALT+C is also a Shortcut key for accessing calculator while you are at the amount field,you can come back to the  amount field with calculation result when you press enter for result in calculator.

You can download Tally erp 9 shortcut keys in excel and pdf

ALT + 2  short cut key for Duplicating  a voucher

ALT + 2 is the one of the useful shortcut key, these option is available in day book, ledger and reports like sales register, purchase register etc. Place the curser on the particular voucher you want to make duplicate, then use this key combination ALT+2 ,a copy of the voucher will open, you can make changes if want,then save the screen.

ALT+R Shortcut key for repeating narration.

This key combination will work on voucher entry screen based on last used ledger, the narration of the same ledger will be repeated.

CTR+R shortcut key to repeat last used narration of the same voucher type.

CTR+R shortcut key is used to repeat the last narration of the same voucher type.

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D-A-L Quick access of ledger from Gateway of Tally

DAL is the hot keys used to access a menu, to get the ledger selection screen quickly you can use DAL from the gateway of tally.

ALT+P  shortcut key for print a voucher, report etc.

ALT+P is another popular shortcut key, you can use this key combination on voucher entry screen or on any other report. The printing configuration screen will appear and can print invoices, vouchers.

ALT+CTRL+C shortcut to copy narration & amount

To copy any text like declaration,narration, figures like amount, use ALT+CTRL+C.

ALT+CTRL+V shortcut to paste into tally narration filed,amount field.

To paste copied text,figures into tally from tally or any other programs,you can use this key combination.

CTRL+A shortcut key to save vouchers,master creation screen.

To save CTRL+A is a shortcut keys to accept and save a voucher like sales, purchase,payment,receipt  voucher, master creation screens like ledgers,groups, stocks,categories  and supplementary screens like supplier details,configurations screen etc. Use CTRL+A to save any screen.

PGUP shortcut keys for viewing previous voucher in alteration mode

PGUP (Page Up) is the shortcut keys for viewing previous voucher in alteration mode, you must be on a voucher entry screen to use this shortcut key.

PGDN shortcut keys for viewing next voucher

PGDN (Page Down) key is the shortcut keys for viewing next voucher during voucher entry or alteration screen.

ESC short cut keys to come back to previous screen and to remove what you have types.

ESC shortcut keys helps you to remove what you have typed and to come back to previous screen,if you continue to press ESC Key will quit the program.

CTRL+ENTER shortcut keys to modify existing masters

CTRL+ENTER is the shortcut keys to modify masters like ledgers stock items while voucher entry or alteration screen. Place the curser on the ledger or stock item and press CTRL+ENTER,The master alteration screen will appear. make changes and save,yu will go back to the voucher entry/alteration screen.

SHIFT +ENTER shortcut keys explode the line to view the next level details.

SHIFT + ENTER key combination is used to view the next level details of a report like day book, trail balance stock summary report etc. place the curser on a line in a report and press SHIFT+ENTER the details like narrations, details of credit etc will be displayed.

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