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How to use Tally ERP 9 Basic training- Part II

Expert tally users probably find this basic training as a yawner because this post aims to beginners. and talking about navigation through menu.Tally ERP 9 is  a user friendly software; due to its user friendliness tally offer various options for navigation to same menu. This will enable faster data entry, and time saving for its users. Navigation can be done by using both key board and mouse.
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Navigation through tally using keyboard & Mouse

Let’s start the navigation through Menu

Menu navigation Using Keyboard

To navigate through Tally menu, item one to another you can use up and down arrow key.To move up, press up arrow key to move down, press down arrow key, Right and let arrow key has no role in navigation
See the above image, the menu item with grey background ( InvenTory Vouchers)is showing that the cursor is lying with that item or it is the selected item
To move from InvenTory Vouchers to ImpOrt of Data Press down arrow key from  the keyboard, to move from InvenTory Vouchers to Accounting Vouchers hit up arrow key

Menu navigation using Mouse

For moving from one item to another just click on it, For example you want to select Accounting Vouchers item just click on it. The grey color back ground will be highlighted that item; this means that the item is selected.

Move on to sub menu

To move on to the next level menu press enter from the keyboard and to come back to previous menu press escape ( Esc) button
To move on to Accounts info sub menu Select it and press enter.
move to submenu
To come back to Gateway of tally press Esc button

By using mouse

To move on to the sub menu, double click on it, For instance moving on to the sub menu of accounts info double click on ‘Accounts info’ 

Using  button control through key board

On the right hand side and on top of the software you can see so many buttons, Lets discuss why these buttons have Single underline, Double underline, Without underline, Inactive buttons etc. Each Button name start with F1,F2,F3 etc. To activate these buttons You have to use these Function keys in your keyboard as described below.
buttn panel

Buttons with Single underline

A button with single underline  indicate that Alt key is the combination used along with the Function Key and (F1, F2).

From the above image[ F2: Period] Is he key with single underline, to select period ,you have to press Alt key and F2 key at a time from your keyboard [Alt+F2].

Button with Double Underline

Double underline indicate that Ctrl key is the combination with Function Key and (F1, F2), & Alphabets.

From the above example’ H: Support Centre’ is the double underlined button, you have to press ‘Ctrl’ ‘Button and ‘H’ button at a time to use it [Ctrl+H]

So double underline indicate that ‘Ctrl’ Key

Button without Underline

Button without underline indicates that a single key stroke is required to activate this button.The above example shows that F2:Date is the button without underline, So press F2 function key only to use this button

Inactive Buttons

Inactive buttons says that this button cannot be used in the current screen

Navigation using hot keys

Tally offer another navigation method called hot key. Hot keys are the keys from your keyboard normally alphabetic letter, to access a menu using hot key just press the key

How to find out hot key?

It is very easy to find out the hot key of Display Menu item is D, D is in boldface letter and when the menu is selected hot key visible red in color, use that alphabet from your keyboard to go to the particular menu.
hot key in tally
To go to ledger you have to Press D, A, L in pursuit from the gateway of tally (Display, Account Book, and Ledger. For getting more ideas see this video on Basic training in Tally ERP 9.

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