What is Articles of Association?download a sample

The Articles of association lays down the rules and regulation for internal management,administration and organisation of the company.The articles would usually contain provisions relating to such matters as the Powers and the duties of directors, Issue of share capital, The keeping of books and accounts, Audit, Calls,transfer and forfeiture of shares, Holding of meetings, Declaration and payment of dividends, Borrowing powers of the company. Articles of Association Sample Download. Download Articles of Association 1997-2003 Word Format .

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What is Memorandum of Association? Format of MOA

Memorandum of association is some what identical to a partnership deed in case of a partnership business. But not equal to. Memorandum clearly states  the conditions and the relationship of members with company. It is a legal document submitted for the purpose of registration of company. The company is ruled in accordance with the provisions in the memorandum of association. It is said to be the constitution of the company. “The purpose of Memorandum of Association is to enable the share holders, creditors and

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Difference between Private and public Companies in India

Companies may be classified as private companies and public companies. Private Companies: – A private company is defined as a company by whose Article of Association  states:- Right to transfer share is prohibited. Maximum Number of Member is limited to 50 Prohibited public issue of shares. No invitation can be made for public subscription of shares. Public Companies:  Companies Which are no such restrictions are known as Public companies Distinction between private and public companies in India Distinction Between Private And

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What is Corporate Identity Number (CIN) know its structure?

CIN stands for Corporate Identity Number. It is a unique identification number provided to all companies listed in Registrar of Companies (ROCs) under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India. After formation of a company, concerned ROC issues a certificate containing this unique Corporate Identity Number (CIN No. or CIN Code) along with its approved name. CIN is mandatory  for all types of companies registered in India When a Company gets registered in India, be it an Indian Company, whether

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Definition of company & Types of Companies in India

Meaning of a Company A company is a voluntary association of many persons.It is an artificial person recognized by law with distinctive name, a common seal, a common capital and having a perpetual succession. Definition of Company Under Companies Act 1956  & 2013 Companies Act 1956 Defines a company as ” Company formed and registered under this Act or an existing company” Companies Act 2013 Defines a company as “a company incorporated under this Act or under any previous company

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Definition of Debenture & Kinds of debentures

“A debenture is an instrument issued under the seal of the company acknowledging its debt to the holder.A Public company may issue debentures when it wants to borrow money for extending its business without increasing its share capital” Types of Debentures Debentures may be different types depending upon the terms and conditions of their issue. Secures and unsecured debentures On the basis of security debentures are classified as secured or unsecured .Secured debentures are those which are issued with a specific

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