How to upgrade Tally erp 9 to the latest versions

Tally always make changes according to the law of the country and for making software better. Since the launching of software, Tally has made so many core software changes and released many versions. Recently India has introduced  GST,Since then tally is contentiously making changes to it’s software in order to make comply the software with the latest  gst rules. This is the reason why tally has outgrown in the accounting software industry. How to upgrade to the latest version? In

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How to activate Tally erp 9 licence?

Tally erp 9 activation is a simple process but required an internet connection and an administrator right in you PC. Buy a valid license from tally website  or from tally authorized partners. The current price of Tally erp 9 single user ( Silver) is 18000 INR and Multi-user ( Gold) is 54000 INR excluding GST. Tally erp 9 serial number activation key free If you want to try gst ready tally for free , a seven days free licence is

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How to create,edit,delete stock category in tally erp 9?

Stock Category gives a parallel dimension for categorizing or arranging stock items apart from stock group. For example, For a grocery trader is dividing things by adopting the following strategy.He groups the commodity with Brands and categorize with weight as follows. Sr No Stock Item  Stock Group Stock Category 1 Basmathi Rice Kohinoor Brand 25 Kg bag 2 Sushi Rice Indus valley Brand 50 Kg bag 3 Red Rice Classic Brand 75 Kg bag 4 Rissotto Rice Amira Brand 50 Kg

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How to alter a price list in tally erp 9

Earlier in our lesson we have created Price list creation in tally erp 9. In this session you will learn how to edit price list in tally. To edit multiple price list you have to go to. Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Price List > Stock Groups To alter a price list Select the stock group under which your existing price list falls. Price Level:  Select the price list you want to edit. Press enter, the price list will displayed.

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How print,Export,Price List from Tally ERP 9

Price list is the most important tool for marketing,The price list is printed paper or electronic for of products prices letting customers know the price of the products. There are various types of price list like volume based price list, Festival discount price list. Customer based price list and so on. Tally erp 9 provides the options to create price list . From the created price list we can take printout. Must Read: How to create price list in tally

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Price List in Tally ERP 9,How to create and use Price list

Many business are selling products based on volume for promoting bulk sale. To fix price based on quantity base,For example,A customer is buying more than 50 but less than 100  then the seller will fix a rate for such quantity, and a discounted rate if customer is  buying more than 100 but less than 150 .To handle such situation Tally ERP 9 have a special option called Price List. In this tutorial we will learn how to create price list and

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How to create Fixed Deposit ledger in Tally ERP 9

Fixed Deposit considered as most safe investment of today’s time.Business owners go for some Fixed deposit as it is safe and getting a higher interest rate than a savings account. We have a guide on how to enter Fixed deposit in tally erp 9. Fixed Deposits Ledger. In this section we will guide you how to create a fixed deposit ledger in tally erp 9. Fixed deposits are grouped under Deposits(Assets). Naming of FD Ledger. The Fixed deposit ledger may

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