Fixed deposit (FD) entry in tally erp 9

Many businesses deposit money into bank in-order to ensure some assured return of their money. Term Deposit or Fixed Deposit is one of the best option for such savings and earnings. Today let’s learn how to enter Fixed deposit voucher entry in Tally ERP 9. Create a Fixed Deposit Ledger Refer: How to create Fixed deposit ledger in Tally ERP 9 & How to create ledger in Tally  Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounting Info> Ledger > create Name:  You can name

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Cash Payment Voucher in Tally ERP 9

Usually in a business payments are made in two modes, by way of cash or through bank like cheque , NEFT, RTGS etc. Let’s check how to enter cash payment entry in Tally.ERP 9. Modes of payment voucher in Tally. Single Entry Mode Cash Payment entry in Tally ERP 9 can be passed in single entry and double entry or voucher entry mode.To activate single entry mode go to. Gateway of Tally >F12 Configure>Voucher Entry. Enable option ‘Use Single Entry

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Post dated cheque ( PDC ) Management in Tally ERP 9

Post dated cheque is an essential part of today’s business world. For a better financial planning and fund management PDC cheque is a must tool to survive in a tight financial conditions of a competitive world. A cheque in which a future date is written on its face is called post dated cheque or popularly known as PDC. PDC can be issued to your suppliers and can be received from your customers.Normally Post dated cheques are presented on the date of instrument and

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How to prepare quotation in Tally ERP 9?

Many prospective customers asks for quotations for a specific work to be done or to buy a specific product. In businesses it is common that submitting a sales quote to the buyers. A quote can help a customer to compare the price and quality of material they are supplying among various suppliers and can help to buy the products or services that fit in his/her budget and imagination. Tally allow us to prepare sales quote using sales order voucher.As you know

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Optional Voucher in Tally ERP 9

Optional voucher is not a voucher type rather it is an option available in every regular voucher type like Contra,Payment, Receipt,Journal,Sales & Purchase etc.  You can convert every regular entry into optional. The option is available for inventory vouchers also. As the name says this option makes your voucher optional.You may convert it to a regular voucher or may not. By marking a voucher Optional, the voucher does not get posted anywhere but remains in the Optional Voucher Register. This

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How to use memorandum vouchers in Tally ERP 9?

Memorandum voucher is a special voucher. It is used in special cases where you want to record a specific transactions but does not actually required to affect books of account or cash book or balance of any ledger. If there is no clarity of transactions while it happening you can make entry in memorandum vouchers .Can Edit it later when details are available. There are many such cases in our routine work. Examples of Memorandum Vouchers In such situations we

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How to Prepare Purchase Order In Tally ERP 9

Let’s learn purchase order in Tally ERP 9.Purchase order is a document issued by the buyer to the seller informing or placing his order.It is popularly abbreviated as PO.Normally a PO contains the following information to communicate with seller for better order processing. Purchase Order is the second document in the purchase management system. Tally erp 9 has developed a clear purchase management system,Which includes; Getting Quotations from suppliers. Purchase order to the supplier. Preparing Receipt note when goods are

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