Fixed deposit (FD) entry in tally erp 9

Many businesses deposit money into bank in-order to ensure some assured return of their money. Term Deposit or Fixed Deposit is one of the best option for such savings and earnings. Today let’s learn how to enter Fixed deposit voucher entry in Tally ERP 9. Create a Fixed Deposit Ledger Refer: How to create Fixed deposit ledger in Tally ERP 9 & How to create ledger in Tally  Go to Gateway of Tally>Accounting Info> Ledger > create Name:  You can name

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How to enter bank Vouchers & transactions in Tally ERP9

This post is for beginners who asks us how to enter basic transactions in tally. We get lot of queries regarding banking transactions in Tally. We are putting all questions and answers together in this post, with Examples and explanations. How to enter Cash deposit in Bank in Tally.ERP9. Example Depositing cash into bank account is a usual practise,the cash generated through sales process usually deposit into bank . This is called a contra entry because this transaction do not

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Bank reconciliation in Tally ERP9 – Manual reconciliation

For making effective financial decisions, business should know their exact fund positions.To know fund position, knowing bank position is very important. While analyzing bank position, the finance manager should check bank reconciliation statement,apart from bank ledger & passbook. There might be differences with bank statement and the bank ledger kept at company. Bank reconciliation in Tally ERP9 allows you to find out the differences and helps to agree both the accounts. Recommend reading :How to prepare bank reconciliation You have to find

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