How to enter bank Vouchers & transactions in Tally ERP9

This post is for beginners who asks us how to enter basic transactions in tally. We get lot of queries regarding banking transactions in Tally. We are putting all questions and answers together in this post, with Examples and explanations. How to enter Cash deposit in Bank in Tally.ERP9. Example Depositing cash into bank account is a usual practise,the cash generated through sales process usually deposit into bank . This is called a contra entry because this transaction do not

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Bank reconciliation in Tally ERP9 – Manual reconciliation

For making effective financial decisions, business should know their exact fund positions.To know fund position, knowing bank position is very important. While analyzing bank position, the finance manager should check bank reconciliation statement,apart from bank ledger & passbook. There might be differences with bank statement and the bank ledger kept at company. Bank reconciliation in Tally ERP9 allows you to find out the differences and helps to agree both the accounts. Recommend reading :How to prepare bank reconciliation You have to find

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Selling Rate inclusive of tax without voucher class in Tally ERP9 Release 5

  Are you selling products inclusive of Tax? Then invoicing would be a hassle task if you are not using Voucher class for Inclusive of Tax. Now Inclusive of Tax/VAT invoicing becomes children’s play from Tally ERP9 release 5. This tutorial will guide you how to specify rate inclusive of VAT in transaction. Gateway of Tally>Accounting Vouchers>F8 Sales In the Sales voucher click on F12 configure Set YES for option ‘Allow entry of rate inclusive of tax for stock item’

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Voucher class when selling inclusive of tax

This is a guide to configure voucher class when you are selling products inclusive of VAT.Many shops displaying  products price inclusive of tax. In such cases business have to segregate the tax component and price component when they put into billing. Many are using calculator to segregate the tax and price,  and some are using Tally in built calculator by pressing Alt + C from amount field. Now the paly is over ,after Voucher class invention ,The task  become easier

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Voucher Class in Tally ERP9. How to enable voucher class in sales invoice?

Unlike earlier times, now Tally has introduced more advanced features like Voucher class to minimize the time consumption and errors. Voucher class in Tally ERP9 help you to automate voucher entry to an extent, and it reduces the data entry mistakes in an extreme busy working environment. In a nutshell, voucher classes are the templates or predefined tables that allow transaction posting without touching a ledger. Voucher classes are available for Contra, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Sales, Credit Note, Purchases, Debit Note,

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Use EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers, What is the use of it in Tally ERP9

Many are confused about the option “Use EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers in Voucher Type Creation Screen. It is one of the simplest options provided, but we don’t know what is it? And where&when this option comes into use. What is Effective dates for vouchers? As the name reflects, this is the date at which the transaction entered will come into effect. Let’s go through an example. Sold Rice for Rs 5000.00 to Mustafa traders on 01-04-2015. We are giving the

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What is Voucher Type in Tally ERP9 ,How to create edit and delete

Earlier we had lessons about voucher entry  , edit and delete of voucher in Tally ERP9. This time we are going to learn about Voucher Types. A voucher type is a template to create various types of vouchers in Tally ERP 9. In this chapter we will cover the following. What is voucher? What is voucher type in Tally Perspective? Pre-defined voucher types Classification of voucher type. Why new voucher type required? How to create voucher type? How to edit and delete voucher

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