Voucher entry in single and double entry mode

Tally gives us a handy option of entering vouchers in single entry mode and double entry mode. These options are available for Contra, Receipt and payment vouchers. These entry modes are helpful while entering compound entry (single debit and multiple credit and vice versa) also enable us to speedup work. To activate single entry mode, go to any of the above said vouchers (contra, payment, receipt) Let’s go to payment voucher Gateway of Tally>>Accounting vouchers Then click on payment button

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How to edit,delete a voucher in tally

Tally permits to edit and delete vouchers entered. It depends upon the privilege assigned to individual users. This means that not all users can edit / delete the vouchers, only authorized users or administrators can do this, if you assigned privileges. We will be providing a detailed tutorial on how to set privileges later.  To edit and delete a voucher in tally there are two methods, Edit voucher from voucher entry screen itself. We are permitted to edit any previously

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Compound voucher entry & narration for each entry in tally

Before knowing this you should know what are a simple journal entry and a compound journal entry. What is a simple journal entry: An entry in a journal which contains only one debit item and one credit item is called a simple journal entry. For example:  Particulars                                                                            Amount                               Amount CASH  A/C ……………………………….Dr                            15000.00 To X’S CAPITAL ……………………………..                                                            15000.00 (Capital brought BY X) What is a compound journal entry? More than one debit and one credit is necessary in

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How to enter vouchers in Tally ERP 9?

In this chapter we will study how to enter voucher in Tally ERP 9.To pass entries in Tally it is not even necessary to know the basic accounting principles. The software has developed such a way that a non commerce students and professional can use it.Tally has many voucher types for entering transactions .They are classified into three based on its nature.Here is the types and some of its examples. Accounting Voucher: – Payment ,Receipt,Contra,Sales,Purchase Non Accounting Vouchers: – Memorandum voucher,Optional Voucher,Reversing Journal ,Post-dated vouchers.

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