How to prepare quotation in Tally ERP 9?
Many prospective customers asks for quotations for a specific work to be done or to buy a specific product. In businesses it is common that submitting a sales quote to the buyers. A quote can help a customer to compare the price and quality of material they are supplying among various suppliers and can help to… (5 comments)

What is Voucher Type in Tally ERP9 ,How to create edit and delete
Earlier we had lessons about voucher entry  , edit and delete of voucher in Tally ERP9. This time we are going to learn about Voucher Types.In this chapter we will cover the following. What is voucher? What is voucher type in Tally Perspective? Pre-defined voucher types Classification of voucher type. Why new voucher type required? How to create voucher type?… (6 comments)
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