How to edit a stock group in Tally ERP9

In this lesson you will learn how to edit a stock group in tally erp 9.You may want to edit the name of the stock group, or want to change the main group, as you have wrongly selected unsuitable one.some times you may misspelled the name .In such case you can alter the stock item group in tally. Go to Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info>Stock Groups>Alter You will get a list. Select the from the list you want to edit Press

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Create Stock group in tally ERP9,Single & Multiple mode

Creating stock group in Tally ERP9 help you in grouping of products and a store keeper can arrange and  locate stock item easily with the help of grouping. In Layman’s language, Stock Group in tally erp 9 is the classification or grouping  of similar nature of Products which will help in managing products like ,storing & replenishing to it’s optimum level. The store keeper can assign relative priority to the right product groups. Tally will generate the report for the stock group,like

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Stock item creation in tally basic & with GST

In the last two lessons we were learning Stock group creation and unit of measure in tally. Knowledge in both the lessons is mandatory here in creating stock items. Stock items are the goods we manufactured, purchased and sold. To raise item invoice we must create stock item in tally, also to using various inventory options stock item is mandatory. As such other masters, creating a stock is also having two different methods in tally. The first one is Normal

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