How to create Fixed Asset Ledger In Tally ERP 9

Let’s create a fixed asset ledger in tally erp 9. Every business have assets and liabilities for its day today operation.Assets are economic resources of a company or things of value owned.The fixed assets are fixed and tangible in nature Fixed assets are long term assets. Examples of Fixed Assets Buildings Computer equipment Computer software Furniture and fixtures Intangible assets Land Leasehold improvements Machinery Vehicles Fixed Asset ledger in Tally ERP 9 Tally erp 9 has a special group for creating fixed

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How to create bank ledger/ bank account in Tally.ERP 9

Bank account is the most important Ledger account of every business organisation.In this Tutorial we will learn How to create a bank ledger in Tally ERP 9.Create a bank account in Tally is as simple or as similar as normal ledger creation. Cash accumulated with cashier through selling of goods or service is deposited into bank account is the practice of every business. In order to record such deposit we need a ledger called bank ledger to record all bank transactions. Before creating

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How to create a ledger when you are in voucher creation screen or while entering data in tally?

Assume that you are working in a busy schedule and entering many transactions in tally, when you are in the middle of a transaction, found one ledger is not created yet .Assume that Discount received ledger is not in our company. In such a case what will you do? You might quit the voucher entry screen, and got Accounts info menu to create a ledger and follow the ledger creation procedure. This is unfair while you are working pace. To

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Create Expense and income ledger in tally erp 9

In previous lesson we have created sales and purchase ledger, here we are learning to create Expense and Income Ledger. Expense and income are in two types. One is called direct and other one is called indirect. Direct income and direct expenses are the part of trading account and Indirect income and expenses are the part of profit and loss account. Before creating ledger in tally let’s understand what is expense & income is. What is an expense? Expense are

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How to create multiple ledger in tally erp 9

Multiple ledger creation in tally is very useful and time saving feature, In older versions of tally, we could create multiple ledgers under a single group .For example you can create many debtors ledger under sundry debtor group, but you cannot create ledgers under  Sundry debtors and Sundry creditors at a time. Now in ERP9 you can do both the things. Let’s explain how? If you are not familiar with  ledgers and groups We have made some post for your reference. How

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