What is Day book in tally erp 9 ? How to use day book ?

A day book is a record of all transactions like, sales, purchase,payment,receipt  in a day of an organisation or business concern. This is similar to journal book in manual accounting. In tally erp 9, it is a report in which all entries posted.This report does not have any balances. You will get the summary of one day activities by looking at this report. How to view Day Book in tally To View day book of tally Go to Gateway of Tally

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How to search in Tally ERP 9 for anything?

When using Tally ERP 9 in companies dealing with large number of transactions, Tally Search features is a handy tool to find out a particular amount, amount between a minimum and maximum or a particular word in narration. We can do this using Range filter of Tally ERP9. I will explain this with some examples. Search a Particular Amount in Tally erp 9 Search all vouchers with value 5000.For some reasons as an accountant of the company you want to know a particular voucher

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Maintain bill-wise details & Agewise analysis,Outstanding reports in Tally ERP9

Option Maintain bill-wise details in Tally ERP 9 is used to maintain Outstanding reports of customers and suppliers. That is ,Tally ERP 9 helps to maintain & track Accounts RECEIVABLE and Accounts PAYABLE based on every bill. Tally is providing the flexibility of maintaining Bill-wise details of Non trading accounts also.That is if you are trading machinery and purchasing stationery. In such case purchase of machinery falls under Trading  A/c and purchase of Stationery falls under Non Trading a/c. Example Transactions

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What is the effect of net Debit/Credit balances for reporting?

Now we are discussing advanced entries in masters, so far we have learned enabling,disabling ‘Group behaves like a Sub-Ledger ‘ and found its effects . Here we are learning net Debit/Credit Balances for reporting options in advance group creation mode. First Step Enable ‘Allow Advanced Entries in Masters’. If you don’t know how to do this, go here Second Step Now let’s edit ‘Sundry Debtors’ to enable ‘Nett Debit/Credit Balances for Reporting’ Now Accounts info>>Group>>Alter Type yes for the question

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