Most useful short cut keys in tally erp 9

Let’s discuss some most useful short-cut keys in tally erp 9, I am sharing the shortcut keys that were used by me while i was working with tally erp 9. These shortcut keys help you in speed up your work. ALT+C  shortcut key for creating masters while voucher entry screen. This is one of the most used short-cut key in tally, you can create masters like, ledger, stock item, units of measures while entering a voucher. For example while creating

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List of shortcut keys in tally erp 9

Keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more key that helps to activate a function without the use of mouse .short cuts invoke a command in tally software as an alternatives to mouse clicks  or contentious use of Enter Key. In tally erp 9 there are shortcuts for almost all functions. This means that you can use tally software without touching mouse, which will help you in faster data entry, easy navigation, easy report viewing, easy printing, export import

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Tally erp 9 shortcut keys list in excel and pdf

Short cut keys are the most important things one should know while working with Tally ERP 9.Short cut keys will help you in speed up your data entry process in tally.  Today I am sharing you all shortcut keys related to tally erp 9 in an excel sheet format and tally shortcut keys in pdf format. The list tells you about the short cut keys ,its functions and which screen these shorts cuts will work. Most Popular shortcut keys in

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