Year ending process, moving to new financial year in tally erp 9

As you know Indian Accounting system is following April to march Financial year system.In this chapter we will discussing the steps to be taken in tally erp 9 while moving to a new financial year. Make sure that all expense shall be booked,and put all banking entries,and prepare a reconciliation statements. Ensure that GST payable is accurate. Things to be done before closing a financial year . Make sure that all expense as on date is booked. Put all banking

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How to split company data in tally erp 9? Split company & usage

In tally erp 9, To account the transactions of a business, we create a company and start entering vouchers in it.As you know a financial year ends in 12 months.In Indian system we follows April to march system. Some tally users continues the accounting process in same company.In such cases you need to select the financial year every time. otherwise tally shows in accurate balance sheet and profit and loss account mix up with all Financial year. Why not follow

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How to make Tally ERP 9 Open on system/windows startup

It will be good if Tally opens along with the computer startup.You can quick start your work as the system opens in a busy working environment.This will help you a little to speed up your work.There is no point in discussing other operation system other than windows as Tally ERP 9 works only in Windows. However some solutions are there for Using Tally ERP in cloud and Linex. How to set tally open at startup? To open any program at

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Tips and tricks to speed up data entry in Tally ERP 9

We can have an important lesson of some tips and tricks for a beginners or for tally students to speed up data entry in Tally ERP 9. By adopting these techniques you can increase the speed of data entry almost 50%. Hot Keys for faster Data Entry Navigation in Tally ERP 9 is the most important as far as a user is concerned. Usage of hot keys to move through menu or access a voucher entry screen  is so fast

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How to search in Tally ERP 9 for anything?

When using Tally ERP 9 in companies dealing with large number of transactions, Tally Search features is a handy tool to find out a particular amount, amount between a minimum and maximum or a particular word in narration. We can do this using Range filter of Tally ERP9. I will explain this with some examples. Search a Particular Amount in Tally erp 9 Search all vouchers with value 5000.For some reasons as an accountant of the company you want to know a particular voucher

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Use Tally ERP9 in your Local Language & How to add language dictionery

Have you tried Tally.ERP 9 in Local language. Tally Support 13 Local languages other than English.They are, Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Melayu Bengali Gujarati Hindi Hinglish Kannada Malayalam Marathi Punjabi. Tamil. Telugu. To activate the Language in Tally.ERP 9 ,Click on Language button provided at Top button bar of Tally.ERP 9. The list of language will be displayed. Below is the image of Gateway of Tally.ERP 9 If this button will not working for you then try the

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How to fix Cannot backup company in Tally ERP9?

Today I got a comment in my YouTube Channel related to backup error in Tally ERP9,Thought many users might be facing similar problems and decided to make post on how to fix cannot backup company in Tally ERP9. The question was While backing up data getting an error message Cannot backup company.How to fix this issue? Here is the Error message  image. Reason for the error. You might be having big volume of data in that particular company. And the

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