How to create company in tally ERP9

To start accounting with tally   the first and foremost thing you should know is , how to create company in tally ERP9 .For users operating multiple business can create several companies in Tally erp 9 software at single cost. Nowadays Tally erp 9 has outgrown from the concept just an accounting software. it helps you for better statutory compliance by updating statutory files available at tally solution website.You can operate tally remotely using features, process payroll and many more features are

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How to configure company?

The configuration is used for altering some setting in tally software, like date format, company name on report, symbols, numbers to be used and many more, There are several configuration setting in tally, we are not discussing all configuration settings in this lesson, we will learn it gradually when situation comes Once you have configured, it will affect all the companies in tally software that means configuration is not company specific settings but program specific. The setting will be stored

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How to edit/alter a company in tally?

In this session we will learn how to edit company. You may want to change the address ,Phone number,or any other information .In such cases Tally ERP 9 allow users to alter company data in simple steps. How to edit a company? To modify   you need to access Company info Menu this can be accessed either of the following ways. From The Gateway of Tally click on F3: Company Info on right button bar . or Use Keyword Alt + F3 (Press Alt

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Opening (loading) and closing (shutting) of companies in tally

Loading of a company is the next step after creating a new company. Tally software sets the first company loaded automatically. We have provided the complete information of automatic loading of companies in tallyhere. Select or open an existing company? To open a company it must exist in the tally data folder. Normally, when you open tally software, it opens a company and directly goes to Gateway of Tally. To select another company Click on the button F1: Select Cmp

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How to enable and disable automatic loading of Companies at startup?

We have completed new company creation, alter existing company, and tally data management in our previous lessons. Tally load companies automatically when we open the software. Let’s learn enabling and disabling loading of companies at start up. Automatic loading of company at the time of opening software By default, Tally software loads the first company you have created. Each company will be given a unique system generated code starting from 10000, so the first company’s code will be 10000 and tally

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How to delete a company in tally

Deleting a company is the thing that you should take more care about. Once deleted company cannot be recovered if you do not have back-up of data.Delete a company is similar to delete a voucher or ledger and as easy  to do.There are two methods are explained in this tutorial.You can follow any one of them.But make sue that you will always have a data backup before doing any such actions. read this: How to delete a ledger in Tally You can

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