How to enter sales voucher in Tally ERP 9

Sale is the most important part of every business. Sale entry or sales voucher entry is a part of daily routine of every business.Sale is revenue account in nature hence termed as the main income steam of organization. Sale vouchers are preparing not just for accounting purposes but for certain some other reasons also like, In order to comply the statutory rules by law of the country. To issue a sale document, that is the sale invoice to the customer.

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How to enter payment entry & print payment voucher ?

Payment and receipts are the primary activities of every business. Business makes payments for purchasing raw materials, capital goods , goods for selling , office supplies and getting services like  electricity, telephone bills, repayments like loan , payment of salary , wages etc. Payment is exist everywhere in day today business activities. when making a payment the accounting department should record the out flow money. This may by means of cheque or cash.  In tally erp 9 making payment and

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How to enter Contra entry in tally?

Contra entry is the internal movement of fund which has no business effect. This means that cash is moving across accounts. For example cash is moving from cashier to bank , That is cash account to bank account.We call it cash deposit . Some times may be in reverse of this transaction , that is bank account to cash account ,we call it cash withdrawal. Organizations may possess more than one bank accounts. Suppose when a business require to transfer money

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