How to create point of sale ( POS) Invoice in tally erp 9.

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Point of sale is the terminal where a sale transaction is completed, You might have noticed point of sale terminals in shopping malls ,electronic show room the cashier calculate the total amount due by the customer ,prepare invoice and accept payment via various payment methods like ,cheque ,Debit card, Credit card, Gift Vouchers.

In POS, to calculate the bill amount the merchant uses various methods like weighing scales, bar-code scanners, cash registers electronics and manual etc. However bar code scanner is most popular in these days.

POS In Tally ERP 9

Today let’s learn how tally erp 9 handle a POS terminal, or how to create POS invoice in tally and the payment method available for a POS in tally and How to print POS invoice and its Format.

Create POS Voucher Type

The first step of POS invoice creation is POS Voucher type creation,to create voucher type go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounts Info>Voucher type> Create

In the voucher type creation screen give the following details.

  1. Name: POS Invoice, You can give any name for voucher type, here i have given the name just for demo purpose.
  2. Select type of voucher: Sales, you must select sales as we are creating sales invoice for our POS terminal.
  3. Method of voucher numbering : Automatic is the apt method here.
  4. In Printing Option, Select print after saving ,This will print sales voucher immediately after saving.
  5. Use For POS Invoicing : Yes, Activate the most wanted option in this lesson.
  6. Immediately after activating POS invoicing option,Tally will display two additional space for typing messages to print in the Invoice. Here you can type whatever we want like, Thank You,Visit again etc.
  7. Default Print Title : Default Print Title is the title of Invoice You can put TAX INVOICE or INVOICE.
  8. Set/alter declaration: If you want to add declaration in the invoice. activate this option by typing Yes.

Learn :How to add declarations in tally erp 9

The final screen will look like below screen.

POS Voucher type

Save the screen by pressing enter key or press Y from your Keywords. Now press ESC Keys to come back.

How to use Point of sale voucher?

We have created a POS Voucher type, Now let’s learn how to use point of sale voucher. Go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher > F8 Sales

Immediately after pressing F8, the list of voucher type will appear as in the below picture.


Select POS Invoice. and follow as instructed.

Single Mode Payment Using POS Voucher

Use shortcut keys Ctrl + P to get the single mode payment if already not in single mode payment voucher.

  • Change the date by pressing F2 or using date button.
  • Party A/c Name :  Enter party ledger here, as in normal sales voucher you cannot select cash in POS Voucher.
  • Sales Ledger : Select the sales ledger.
  • Enter the Items to be sold.
  • Now lets come to the payment section of the voucher, The below voucher is in single mode payment.

Single mode payment POS

In this mode of voucher, you can receive cash only, select the cash ledger and enter the exact cash tendered, and the balance will be automatically calculated and displayed.

Single mode pos invoice with cash tendered and balance

Save the single mode payment voucher.

POS Invoice with Multi mode payment.

POS Invoice with multi mode payment system is useful when customers are paying the bill using multiple payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Vouchers and Cheque Payment. Let me elaborate.

Gift Vouchers : Some big stores offer gift vouchers, Any one can pay and get gift coupons,say gift vouchers of  Rs 1000, Rs 5000. You can gift it to someone. While they shop to the same store, they can use gift vouchers instead of paying cash.

Accounting of Gift voucher:

You can create a gift voucher ledger. Under group Sundry Creditors. When the company issue a gift voucher enter it as a receipt.

Debit – Cash A/c

Credit – Gift Voucher A/c

When  Customer buys with gift voucher, You can adjust the amount in the gift voucher ledger.

Debit – Gift Voucher A/c

Credit – Customer A/c

Debit Card and Credit card : These are called plastic money. Swipe or dip your card in the card terminal, then enter the four digit pin number in the number pad of the terminal. The money will be deducted from your bank account.

Cheque : Cheque payment is a usual practice, instead of giving cash, customers are paying through a paper cheque, The merchant has to deposit this cheque in their bank account. The bank will send the cheque to clearing houses for collection, and credit the money to depositor’s account.Nowadays banks sends the scanned copy of cheques for collection, this process is called CTS ( Cheque Truncating system).

Activate POS in multi mode payment.

To Activate multi mode payment, just click on the button ‘Multi mode pymt‘.or use shortcut key Ctrl+P. A list of payment options will appear at the bottom of the voucher .please check the image below.


Assume that the customer is paying the bill of Rs 18850 through gift voucher of Rs 5000.00 and a cheque of Rs 5000.00 the remaining balance Rs 8850 is paid through debit card. Let’s enter this transaction as follows.

Enter the voucher as usual.

At payment section, select gift voucher  ledger enter amount 5000

In Credit card debit card section select the bank account in which money is to be transmitted from customer card. then enter  amount & card number.

In cheque field ,select the bank in which cheque is going to be deposited. also enter cheque number.

See below image for more clarity.


Save the voucher and print it, The POS Invoice will look like below image.

POS Invoice

You see, the payment modes, terms and conditions and text input ( Thank you & Visit Again) in the printed invoice.

Hope the tutorial help you, Use our Q & A Forum for asking questions.

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