How to enter sales voucher in Tally ERP 9

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Sale is the most important part of every business. Sale entry or sales voucher entry is a part of daily routine of every business.Sale is revenue account in nature hence termed as the main income steam of organization. Sale vouchers are preparing not just for accounting purposes but for certain some other reasons also like,

  1. In order to comply the statutory rules by law of the country.
  2. To issue a sale document, that is the sale invoice to the customer.

For collecting tax and making payment to the government we need to prepare Invoice with all required details, It is mandatory prepared by the seller and issued to the buyer as per Indian Gst Act.

In this lesson we will learn how to enter sales transaction in Tally ERP 9. A sale can be classified into two.

Classification of sale transactions

Sales transactions can be broadly classified as 

  • Cash Sale: This does not require much explanation as its name says everything.Goods are sold on cash is called cash sale.The recording of cash sale is explained below.
  • Credit sale: Goods or services are sold for Credit,The consideration of sale not received at the time of selling and customer agreed to give the money at a later period.

Quick Guide – How to enter sales voucher in tally?

Those are in hurry and just want to know how to enter sales voucher in tally ,follow the few steps below. If you have more time;you will have a detailed illustration entry below.

  1. Go to gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher>F8 sales (click on button or use function key F8)
  2. Change the date if needed by pressing F2 or date button.
  3. Click on Acct Invoice button if no stock is involved in the sale, or click on Item Invoice if stock items are need to be selected.
  4. Enter ref no,Party name,sales ledger,name of item ,Quantity & rate in case you have chosen item invoice.
  5. Enter ref no,party a/c name,particulars ( ledger to be credited) rate and amount in case you have chosen accounts invoice.
  6. Write the narration & and save the voucher by using Ctrl+A.

Types of Sales Invoice In tally

A sales voucher may or may not possess accounting and inventory details,When you create a voucher of a  service provided, it contains only accounting details such as the income account & name of the service receiver etc. When you prepare a sale voucher of item sale, it contains both the accounting & inventory details.

Tally Provides Two types of Sales Entry.

  1. Accounting Invoice: – This Type of Voucher is used for creating Service invoices, sales invoice for Traders who does not want to keep the track of stock.  or doesn’t care about stock;By using this mode we can bill Income heads ( ledger) like, Professional charges, Consultation fees, sales  Etc.For Example, An agency is charging “Agency Charges” from his client. In this case we bill Agency Charges.  Agency Charge is an income Ledger .
Agency charges

Example 2 for Accounting Invoice: An Electronic goods leader want to bill  Television sale. But he doesn’t want the stock to be maintained with Tally. In Such case we can  bill the customer using his income ledger account “TV Sale” instead of billing TV name as a stock item.

tv sale

Accounts Invoice is available in both Accounts Only, accounts with Inventory modes of Tally ERP 9

  1. Item Invoice:-This type of invoice is available in companies enabled Accounts with Inventory mode only. If a company keeping inventory and accounts with Tally software. Then he can bill stock for Example Sony Bravia 15” Tv

By default tally creates company with inventory module, You can disable it from

F11 Company Features > F1 Accounting Features

Maintain Accounts Only : Yes

item bill

To switch between Accounts Invoice and Item invoice click on Accounts Invoice button on the right button panel. Or use Alt+I. This works as a toggle.


How to access sales voucher?

You can access the sales voucher through accounting vouchers menu. This is located at 

Gateway of Tally > Accounting Voucher > F8 Sale

Or use F8 Function key from Accounting voucher key instead of clicking on button. Here is a typical sale voucher.

Typical sale voucher

Two Types of sales voucher mode for sales entry

In voucher entry there are two types sales voucher in Tally. Just understand that the importance of this voucher is only in term appearance and Invoice mode is helpful for automatic calculation of Taxes.You can enter Accounts invoice ( professional charges) & Item Invoice ( like mobiles, rice, spare parts)  using both as voucher mode and as invoice mode vouchers.

  1. As voucher:  This mode is used to enter sales transactions in double entry mode. The below image give you the typical sales screen in  as voucher mode.
As voucher mode sales voucher

2As Invoice:   This type of voucher is used to enter sales transactions in single entry mode. and want to issue an invoice/bill to customer. This voucher is useful for automatic calculation of taxes in sales invoice. Below is the typical sales screen as Invoice.

As Invoice as voucher mode toggler

To toggle between these two types of voucher Use short cut Key Ctrl+V,Or click on ,As voucher /As Invoice Button on the right button panel.

Accounting Invoices in tally erp 9 

For the purpose of learning , We start with accounting Invoice. Let’s do the following example of credit sale.

Credit sale entry in Tally ERP 9

For entering credit sale entry , we will use Accounting Invoice Option. That is no stock is 

Example:  ABC Ltd sold  10 No Goodyear Duraplus Tyre  ( size : P 155/80R 1379t) for Rs 45000.00 to Ashok Leyland   on 01-07-2016.  ABC Ltd doesn’t want keep the stock item so they want it as Accounting Invoice.

We will enter this Sale transaction in  voucher Mode & As Invoice Mode  for learning purposes.

Let’s journalise this transaction for beginners, Experts please excuse.

Ashok Leyland A/c ………………………..Dr    45000.00

To, Tyre Sales                                                                             45000.00

Create the following  ledger for sale entry
  1. Ashok Leyland :Under Sundry Debtors
  2. Tyre sales: Under Sales Account

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To enter this transaction In Accounting Invoice Mode

Go to  Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Voucher>F8 Sales

  1. Press F8 from Keyboard or Click on F8: Sales Button on the right button Panel, now we are in sales voucher, by default tally shows Item Invoice This is the reason why Accounting Invoice is visible on the button panel.
Sales voucher in item Invoice

Item invoice mode

  1. Click on Accounting Invoice button or Use short cut key on Alt +I.The item invoice will change to accounting invoice.Follow the step to enter sale in voucher mode.
  2. Now change the date by Pressing F2 
Change the date for sale entry
  1. Reference No: You can enter any reference number for the identification purpose ,like Purchase order from customer, Delivery note number or your own reference if any.
  2. Party Name: In the Above example the party is Ashok Leyland. Press enter Key,
  3. Party details screen will be displayed.

In the screen, there are three option will display.

  • Dispatch Details
  • Order Details
  • Buyer Details

Fill all the party details in supplementary screen as shown in below picture.

Party details, dispatch,order & delivery details

Press Enter to accept supplementary details

  1. Particulars: Select the sales account Sale Tyre.
  2. Enter Amount Then type narration
  3. Press enter to accept the screen. or use CTRL + A

Tips: Creating service sale Invoice

  • If you are entering  a service charges invoice , For example consulting fee , Create an account namely“Consulting fee “ And type Consulting fees instead of Tyre sale  under particulars.

Voucher mode sale entry in tally erp 9

Let’s enter the same transaction in  voucher mode, nothing different everything same as above only the appearance of sales voucher changes.

Click on As voucher button on the right button panel, the voucher will change in double entry mode.

  • Enter reference number
  • You will see By & To in the entry screen,By means Debit & To means Credit
  • Enter Party name after By
  • Enter Buyer details in supplementary screen
  • Enter sales ledger after To
Credit sale as vocuher mode

Item Invoice In tally erp 9

Item invoice are the sales voucher with stock items, you can enter item invoice either in voucher mode or in Invoice mode, The most popular way is to enter in Invoice mode.

How to enter cash sale voucher in tally?

We have used accounting invoice in the above two examples.This time let’s take an example of cash sale with an Item invoice.

Item invoice is used when a company is maintaining Stock in tally to keep track of stock movement and to get an accurate stock summary of item for better serving and accurate financial reports.

Example :Abc Ltd sold 1 No Good Year duraplus for cash 40000 on 01-07-2016 company want to keep stock item in tally 

  • Create an item invoice sales voucher
  • Make sales voucher in Voucher mode and Invoice mode


  1. Create Cash ledger ( by default cash account is created by tally no need to create another one)
  1. Create Sale ledger
  1. Create Stock item “Good Year duraplus”

Recommend Read:  How to create stock item

To enter the above transaction as item invoice Press Alt + I or click on Item invoice button on the right hand side.

  • Ref No: If you have any reference number, type it here something like Purchase order number from buyer, phone ref no etc.
  • Party Account Name: In this example party account name is cash ( for credit sale select party name)
  • Party details: as explained earlier enter all details in supplementary screen and save.
  • Sales Ledger:  Select the sales ledger, companies may have more than one sales account for taxation & reporting purposes, here we have created a sales ledger namely  Sale Tyre  Select it.
  • Enter name of item “Good Year duraplus”
  • Enter Quantity 1 No,Rate 40000
  • Enter narration
Item invoice sale entry in tally erp 9

Press Ctrl + A or press Enter Key to save the screen

Sale entry in voucher mode item invoice.

To enter the same transaction in voucher mode click on As voucher button

  • Select By: Cash
  • Select To: Sale tyre & press enter Inventory allocation screen will appear.
  • Enter name of item “Good Year duraplus”,Quantity 1 No,Rate 40000.00
Inventory allocation screen
  • Hit enter key to accept the inventory allocation screen.
  • Enter narration and save the screen
Item invoice as voucher mode


  1. Accounting Invoice is used to enter sales voucher for service invoice and  to enter traders who do not wish to keep stock in tally.
  2. Item Invoice is used issue invoice with stock item ,quantity ,rate  details and those who wants to keep stock in tally.
  3. As Invoice & As vouchers are two types vouchers to enter sale transactions.Not much importance is there for this option.

Sales voucher entry with GST

Now that GST has implemented in India, and every taxable sale must include gst taxes.For local sale CGST & SGST and for interstate IGST is applicable.  For local sale ; that is transactions within the state attract CGST & SGST where as interstate transactions attract IGST Let’s see how a sale transaction with gst is entered in tally erp 9.

Example of GST Local sale transaction:

XYZ Company sold 10 No Tables Rs 4500/pcs  gst@ 12% HSN Code: 2501 and 5 No plastic doors Rs 2750/pieces GST @ 18% HSN : 3925  to Sunitha Furniture. Both the parties are registered as a GST dealer in same state.

  1. The first step is  activate gst You have to enter the GSTIN of your company 

To do this go to F11 features > F3 statutory

Enable Goods & Service tax ( GST) : Yes & Set/alter GST details: Yes

Here you can update the GSTIN number and other gst details.

  1. Decide where to set HSN code and tax rates  Let’s set rate at stock item level
  2. Create GST ledgers ( CGST & SGST)  , customer ledgers, sales ledgers as usual.But make sure that the State and GST number of the customer entered accurately.
  3. Enter the transaction in F8 Sales voucher.
  4. Unlike normal voucher here you need to choose CGST & SGST voucher after item selection. You need to enter twice to select any accounting ledgers like CGST,SGST & Packing charges etc.

Party A/c name : Sunitha furniture

Sales Ledger : The sales ledger created with gst activated.

Name of item: Select the name of the items its quantity, rate and amount.

Hit Enter key twice after completing entering stock items to get out of the inventory area. You will 

Local sales GST sales voucher
GST Local Sales voucher

Hit enter and save the voucher.

Example of GST interstate transaction

XYZ Company ( Kerala) sells 10 Nos of Suitcase @ 2500/Pcs & 50 Nos Brief case   @ 5000 to Taj Traders ( Karnataka) ( HSN for both the products is 4202) GST rate is 18%.

In this scenario, there is not much difference from local sale transaction. Only difference is in the tax part. You have to select IGST ledger for tax calculation.

Important point: is that when creating a party ledger the state must be accurate, if wrong state is selected, IGST will not be calculated.

interstate -sale-entry

Use Separate Actual and billed quantity column in sale Invoice

Sometimes when selling the actual quantity given to the customer and the quantity mentioned in the bill may be different. The billed quantity may be less than the quantity given to the customer due to.

  1. An offer like buy one get three.
  2. Round off the billing quantity ,For Example given cloth of 25.75 Meter and billed only 25 meter.

In these cases,there is a 100% chance of difference in stock item. If we do sales invoicing in above mentioned methods stock becomes in accurate.

To overcome this situation tally provides you two column of actual and billed quantity in sales voucher.

Billed quantity affects only accounts and Actual quantity affects the stock, hence the problem of difference in stock item resolved.

To activate actual and billed quantity feature in sale invoice 

Go to

F11 Features > F2 Inventory features

Use separate actual and billed quantity columns: Yes

Use separate actual and billed quantity

Example : 02.04-2018 XYZ company sells  Trade House, 100 Meter of white cloth @ 60/meter , but the customer has been given 105 meter cloths as the remaining cloths in the role was only 5 meter. The company decided to given the balance 5 meter for free.

On 02-04-2018 Before generating this sale invoice the stock of white cloth was,

Stock in hand

Prepare a sale voucher with actual and billed quantity.

Now the stock summary after this entry.

Stock summary after entry

You will find the party ledger is charged only for 100 meter clothe’s value.

customer ledger balance

We have created a video for sales entry, sales voucher or sales transactions. Please watch it if you want to get more idea.


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    eg: Cash 500
    Federal bank 100

    To Sales 600

    • First enter a credit sale in party name and , credit party with bank receipt and cash recipt

  • Sir, i have a problem. In tally . I don’t understand purchase voucher and receipt note voucher? I feel both voucher entry is like as same.please suggest me sir…

    • Receipt note is used to record when material is received from supplier at your godown. Purchase is used to enter Purchase transactions. Tally will pull data from receipt note to purchase voucher for recording purchase transactions.

  • poonam

    Hello sir
    I have a problem in tally during sales entry. our company is software company most of customer is from foreign . How to do sales entry for providing services to ALT Thompson Rate per hour/day $20, days / hours worked 264 Total $ 5266.please also tell is required to create item group ? or also tell if any account creation. please help sir its very urgent. thanks and waiting your reply .

    • Hello,
      In practice, professionals issue receipts for services rendered. Tally.ERP 9 allows you to record receipts for services provided, calculate the service tax and print the service bills from the receipt voucher.
      But I guess you want to record this transaction as a sales voucher.

      Activate Multi currency
      Create Dollar as new currency
      Create Ledger, Software Development charges Under Sales Account
      Create Customer Ledger under Sundry Debtors ( currency should be selected USD)
      Now go to Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher> F8 sales
      Click on Accounting invoice button provided at the right.
      Enter party name, select software development ledger
      In the amount field prefix $5266
      In narration enter all other details like (Rate per hour/day $20, days / hours worked 264 Total $ 5266)

      Quantity Rate Per Amount
      If you want invoice to be displayed as 264hours $20/ hour $ 5266

      Then you have to create software as a stock item and enter sales voucher as Item Invoice.
      You can contact me for further assistance
      Thank you

  • Satish Biradar

    in case of retail shops sometimes customer paid their bill partly by cheque/card swipe (bank) and partly in cash. but while entering bill in tally sales voucher allows either debit to bank or cash account, we would not allowed to debit part amount to bank and remaining amount to cash in one voucher.

    Ex. HDFC Bank Ac DR————————–1000
    Cash Ac DR———————————–1000
    To Sales Ac —————————————————2000

    Please suggest how to enter above sales entry on tally

    • Hello Satish Biradar,
      This is how we do for this kind of transactions.

      Create a sale bill in the name of party OR Buyer. a Credit sale entry
      Customer —– Debit
      Sales —-Credit
      Then pass as a receipt entry
      Debit — bank
      Debit — cash
      Credit– party

      There is no option to generate cash sales using bank a/c & cash account in a single voucher

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    • Hi Aravindan

      Please create 15 ledgers in the name of each debtors. create one cash ledger if already is not there.
      You have to create each sales entry separately.

      To enter this go to Gateway of Tally>Accounting Voucher>F8 Sales
      Select party name as debtor ledger for credit sale
      enter the stock item rate ,qty etc if tax applicable enter two times after stock item entered ,then select tax ledger and save.

      Read this for VAT sales entry



      Select cash as party name,rest is same.

      Hope this is clear, you can contact me for further assistance.

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    Suppose if a product is sold at 1% VAT and the MRP is Rs 100. Its 1% should normally come to Rs 1 but tally calculates it as 0.99 only.

    Same with 4% –

    Situation is that if a subtotal comes Rs 27046.08 and tax at 1% should come Rs 270.46, it is coming nearly Rs 386.38..!????

    Could you please give me a hint on how could I address this issue.

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