How to cancel a voucher in tally erp 9

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In Tally ERP 9, We are able to delete a voucher in case we do not want that entry. There is a problem in deleting a voucher.Suppose the entry to be deleted is on back date and a lot of vouchers entered after that entry, The voucher number after deleting the entry will come down with one number.

Why to cancelling voucher instead of deleting ?

For example You have entered  vouchers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and you want to delete voucher number 7.In such case,after deleting number 7 the voucher number 8 will become 7 and 9 to 8 and 10 to 9. This will create a big issue in your documentation. If you are deleting a sales entry,the invoice number after deleted voucher will change.The invoices already issued to the customer will have to be replaced. To overcome such situations tally provide another option  called cancelling of voucher .

How to view and restore cancelled voucher 

Benefits of cancel over deleting

The main benefits of cancelling an entry is that, voucher numbers of all vouchers before and after cancelled voucher will remain same. This is a safe method if you don’t want an entry or voucher in tally erp 9.

How to cancel a voucher in tally erp 9?

To cancel a voucher in tally erp 9, there are two methods.

  1. Cancel a voucher from voucher alteration screen

Access the voucher in alteration mode.

Learn how to edit a voucher in tally erp 9


Click on cancel button at the bottom of the screen.  OR YOU CAN USE SHORTCUT KEY ALT+X


Click on Yes or Press Enter Key or Y from your key board. The voucher will have deleted.

  1. Cancel  voucher from a report

You can cancel a voucher from a report like, Daybook,Ledger, sales voucher etc.

Let’s cancel a voucher from Daybook. go to

Gateway of Tally> Display >Daybook


Select the voucher you want to CANCEL and click on CANCEL BUTTON or press ALT+X.

Tally will ask cancel confirmation,click on Yes or press enter to cancel.

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