How to create sales order in Tally erp 9

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SALES ORDER, Some times call as SO. It is an order issued to the buyer by the seller .It contains the details about the order given by the buyer through purchase order. The supplier enter the quantity ,rate ,terms and conditions in the sales order.

As far as a  seller & buyer is  concerned the sales order is the final document for sale; before generating a sale invoice.  Because it is generated after receiving purchase order and both parties have agreed it. In case of dispute , The sales order stood first as a proof.  If sales order do not issue to the buyer, purchase order is the first document of evidence.

When a Buyer  request a sales quote from the supplier ,Supplier sends  a quotation. After satisfy with rates and conditions in the quotation; buyer send a purchase order. And request for a sales order to view the exact details  of the price,quantity and terms and condition. The seller creates a sales order . SO  is a more reliable document than a sales quote. Sales order prepare  only when both the parties have agreed the business.

Enable Sales Order Processing

To activate the sales order processing, You should go to feature settings screen of tally erp 9.

F11 Features > F2 Inventory Features

Under Order Processing

Enable Sales Order Processing : Yes

Sales order activation

If you are a Registered GST dealer, You have to activate GST Features  at F11 Features > F3 Statutory.

Sales Order Example

MCC Trader  from Haryana is a Regular customer of Shah Electricals -Registered in Delhi. Shah Electricals received a sales order  ( Their PO no Is: MCC25-19-20) from MCC traders On  02-04-2019

100 Nos Electric Iron Box  @  1500  GST 18 %  (50 Nos Delivered to customer  on 02-05-2019 & balance on 31-05-2019))

50 Nos Electric stove @ 4500  GST 18 %  Delivered on 02-05-2019

After receiving a sales order Shah Electrical want to create a sales order in the system. So that the pending sales shall be tracked easily.

How to enter sales order in tally erp 9 ?

To enter a sales order Go to

Gateway Of Tally > Order Vouchers > Sales order

The shortcut key is Alt +F5

Hot key : E>Alt+F5

The so voucher will display.

Party A/c Name : Select party to which goods are to be  supplied.

The supplementary details screen will display

  • Enter Buyer details : Dispatch to address, country,state and GSTIN will be populated automatically if you have created the party ledger with all those details.
  • Order Details : Enter mode and terms of payment ,other references if any  like email ,telephone calls etc.Terms of delivery like door delivery, pick up from NH etc.
  • Despatch Details :  Despatch through like lorry no ,or parcel name.,Destination like Haryana etc.

You can view all those in this picture.

supplementary details of sales order vocuher

The next is Order No : You can keep the system generated number as order number or use another one like the Purchase order number by the buyer. From the above example MCC25-19-20

Name Of item : Select the first item Electric iron box , The item allocation screen will display

Due on :  02-05-2019 ,Quantity 50 rate 1500; Again in the next line enter

Due on : 31-05-2019 ,Quantity 50,rate 1500;

Stock item allocation screen

In the same manner select the electric stove ; due date ,quantity and rate

Since the buyer is from Haryana, The tax applicable is IGST ledger.  The sales order voucher will be after entering all the details is as

sales order voucher in tally erp 9

Accept and save by pressing Ctrl+ A or use enter Key.

Print, Export Sales order in tally

If you want to print , From the voucher alteration mode, or in creation mode. Click print button at the top or shortcut key Alt+ P and click on Print

For Exporting in various formats like Excel,pdf, jpeg, Use Alt+E shortcut key or click Export button.

printed sales order

Do account balance and inventory affect by Sales order?

No ; ledger balances or stock items are not affected by this entry. This is just to use and keep track of orders received from the customers. It is a non-accounting,non-inventory voucher.

Sales Order Outstanding report

This is an important report for knowing which all orders are pending and when is this to be delivered the customer.

By default ,The sales orders are displayed only when it is become due, or on the same date when it become due for delivery. In our case the orders are visible in the report only on the date of 02-05-2019.

But you can view all orders ,even before it is become due delivery. By pressing button All orders

All orders

For Example We are viewing this report on 02-05-2019, We know  50 nos of the Electric iron boxes  and 50 nos a of electric stove are become due for delivery. The report show like this.

sales order due only

If you want to view all the orders, Just click All order button or shortcut key F7.

sales order all orders

Creating of  a sales invoice against sales order

In 02-05-2019 the two products are become due and want to send the materials along with the Invoice or delivery note.

Accounting  Voucher > F8 sales

Enter Reference No if any

Select the party MCC traders :In party details screen. enter despatch details and  select the order number from the list of orders.

Party details of sales voucher ,select order no

You will find all the products in the sales order have been imported into sales voucher.

Hit enter key, and select the item you want to deliver, in the item allocation screen select the items only which are due and use end of list for the next one which will be due on 31-05-2019

Stock item allocation screen

Here is the sales voucher generated from SO.

Sales voucher generated from sales order

Save the screen by pressing Ctrl+ A, or Enter Key.

Now in the outstanding report, If you view only 50 nos are pending.

sales order pending after first delivery

Now Let’s have a look at inventory & ledgers balances

The ledger balance of mcc traders affected by sales and stock items balances reduced by the no items sold.

Pre-close of sales order

You can pre-close sales order before it becomes delivery to customer and invoicing. Some times , The customer may intimate us over email, or phone that the item they have ordered is a slow moving item in the market, hence  cancelling the pending order.

In our example MCC traders on 02-05-2019  intimated us that 50 nos of electric iron order is need to be cancelled due to order cancellation. In such case how to cancel those order.

Display >Statement of inventory > Sales order outstanding >Ledger > MCC traders

Now you are in so ledger outstanding.

Select the item and hit the enter to drill down.

If you have multiple items to cancel, Just select each item by pressing space bar.

Pre-close of sales order selection

Click on Pre-close or use shortcut key Ctrl+ C, In the next screen, you will enter

Pre-close quantity: How many numbers of orders are cancelled by the buyer, Here all 50 nos

Reason for pre-close : Mention the reason , order cancelled.

closed on date  : 02-05-2019

pre-closure of orders with date and quantity reason

Now save the screen,Now no orders will found pending in the outstanding report in our example.

Sales order Book

It  is a report of all sales order generated through tally erp 9, You will get month-wise ,quarterly report here.

This report is available at

Display> Inventory Books>Sales order Book

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a sales order in tally erp 9 ?

When an order received from the buyer, in their terminology , they call it purchase order, a  creates  a record called  sales order for future tracking of orders. This is a non accounting /non inventory voucher in tally erp 9.

  • Where can I Find pending sales order in tally erp 9 ?

Ans : You will find all pending orders at sales order outstanding report. You can view this at Display> Statements of inventory>Sales order out standing

Use F7 shortcut keys to view all orders and due for delivery orders.

  • Can I include HSN/SAC in sales order voucher printing ?

Ans : You can include HSN/SAC of goods in sales order from printing configuration of sales order by activating Print HSN/SAC details option.

  • How do I add terms and conditions in sales order ?

Ans : You can add terms and conditions by altering sales order voucher types,

Inventory Info >Voucher Types >Alter>sales order 

Set/alter declaration :Yes

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