Purchase voucher entry in tally erp 9 with GST

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In this guide you will learn purchase entry in tally with example, also updated entering purchase voucher with GST. Purchase vouchers are used to record all types of purchases like Cash & Credit.

What is a Purchase?

In accounting Purchase is a direct expense and it used to calculate cost of goods sold. In General all purchase cannot be treated and posted under Purchase Account. I will explain this concept with an example.  M/s Computer city is a computer sales company. They have the following transactions.

  1. 01-04-2016 Purchased Office Furniture from Ideal Decors Worth Rs 100000.00
  2. 02-04-2016 bought Stationery on credit from MM Stationery for Rs 1000.
  3. 02-04-2016 bought 10 Nos Laptops from BITCOM Computers worth Rs 300000

What is treated as purchase in a business?

In the First two examples, the purchases are not directly related to the profit making of the company. In trading business, when we purchase for selling with the aim of making profit termed as purchase. In example three; Computer city is buying computer for selling with the aim of  making profit. That transaction is treated and put under purchase account under the group direct expense. Usually purchases are made after sending a purchase order to the supplier.

The Purchase of Assets and Consumable are entered as follows

Purchase Entry in Tally ERP 9 basic & with gst

For beginners, we have put the basic entry of purchases like cash purchase & credit purchases. Also for a registered gst dealer, we have created entry of  gst tax purchases. First basic purchase entry.

We can use the following example for voucher entry in tally.


01-06-2016 ABC Ltd an electronics goods dealer Purchases 10 No Samsung mobiles @ 15000 Invoice No SG/20154 from SAMSUNG INDIA PVT LTD on credit. Assume that the dealer is not maintaining inventory and just want to Book expense.

To Record such entry You need two ledgers

Purchase Ledger and Supplier Ledger or Sundry Creditors Ledger. In this example Supplier is Samsung India Pvt Ltd.

After creating Ledgers,

Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher> F9 Purchase

In this voucher you will find some mode buttons that are important to enter purchase entry.

What is As Voucher, As Invoice Mode ?

For making Entry there are two modes available.These modes can be activated by clicking buttons provided at right button panel. OR Can use Ctrl + V Short cut Key.

  • As Voucher: As voucher mode is the entry screen where you can enter sales & purchase transactions in voucher mode.
  • As Invoice : This is mode where you can enter transactions in the style of an invoice

You can choose any mode for entering all types transactions.

As voucher and As invoice button in tally

What are Item Invoice and Accounting Invoice ?

There are two types of purchase Invoices in tally , Item invoice and accounting Invoice  Just above of As Voucher & As Invoice Button.

Item Invoice

Item Invoice is the invoice in which stock item can be selected and its movement cab n be recorded. Also item wise bills can be printed. This invoice type is specifically created for the traders & manufacturer’s  of goods.

Accounting Invoice

 But if you activated by clicking Accounting Invoice  button, only the purchase ledger can be selected and no stock item during voucher entry. This type is useful for entering service transactions as there will not be any stock item.

Note: If you are using Accounts only company this option will not be available and can enter Accounting Invoice only.

Item Invoice and accounting invoice in tally erp9

Purchase entry in Tally ERP 9 as Accounting Invoice

Now Let’s enter Above example In Accounting Invoice mode as ABC Ltd does not want to maintain stock.

How to account Purchase of Fixed Asset with gst in Tally ERP 9

  • Now Click on Accounting Invoice Button.
  • Press F2 Button from Key board or click Date button at the top of the voucher and change the bill date  to 01-06-2016.
  • Supplier Invoice No: Enter the purchase bill no here, SG/20154 Date: Date of Invoice 01-06-2016
  • Party A/c Name: Select Samsung India Pvt Ledger we have created.
  • In supplementary details enter the details of suppliers as shown in the below figure.

Purchase voucher supplementary details or suppliers details

Press enter to save the supplementary details

  • In the particulars screen enter Purchase ledger created
  • Enter the amount 150000 in amount field.
  • Enter Narration in the narration field. Example: 10 No Samsung mobiles bought @ 15000/no against bill no SG/20154 from Samsung India Pvt Ltd.

Purchase voucher entry accounting invoice

Purchase Voucher as Item Invoice inTally ERP 9

Lets change the above example as

01-06-2016 ABC Ltd an electronics goods dealer Purchases 10 No Samsung mobiles @ 15000 Invoice No SG/20154 from SAMSUNG INDIA PVT LTD on credit. Assume that the dealer is maintaining inventory and want to keep the track of stock item.

As earlier said this option is available for companies activated accounts with inventory. By default tally is in Accounts with Inventory mode.

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How to activate Accounts with inventory in Tally?

If your company is in accounts only mode, you can activate accounts with inventory by disabling the following option at

Gateway of Tally> F11 Features

Maintain accounts only: No

Activation of company with Inventory

Note: In older versions of Tally this option is available at Company Creation, Company alteration screen

Purchase entry with item invoice

To enter item invoice you have to create stock item. In our example stock item is Samsung mobile. Create Samsung mobile as stock item.

Read: How to create stock item in Tally ERP 9

After Creating stock item and ledgers required go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher>F9 Purchase

Now click on button item Invoice

  • Now enter the date,Supplier Invoice Number,Party A/c Name, supplementary details as explained above.
  • Purchase Ledger: Select the purchase ledger.
  • Name of Item: Select the stock item Samsung mobile created
  • Quantity: Enter the number of item purchased here, 10 No
  • Rate: Enter rate per item, here 15000/ mobile.
  • Per: This field will fill automatically. This depends on what unit you have selected while creating stock item.

Read : unit creation in tally

  • Amount: This will fill automatically by calculating from given data.

Purchase Voucher entry with Item Invoice

Voucher entry using As Voucher mode

We have entered the purchase voucher As Invoice mode. Now let’s create the same in  As Voucher Mode.

Note: You can skip this if you are confused about a lot of options. This is not much important, but understands there is a mode called As Invoice and As voucher for making entry.

Accounting Invoice of Purchase in As voucher Mode

  • Click on As voucher button and Accounting Invoice
  • Enter the date, suppler invoice number, Supplementary as explained above.
  • Under Particulars, You will find To The credit aspect of transaction that is Samsung India Pvt Ltd Ledger should be selected there and
  • Enter total bill amount in amount field.
  • In the By Field select the debit aspect of transaction here Purchase A/c .
  • Press enter, As you are in company enabled accounts with inventory mode an inventory allocation field will be asked. Just press enter and skip that screen. As we don’t want to manage inventory.
  • Enter Credit amount which is equal to debit amount 150000
  • Enter narration.

As voucher mode accounting Invoice

Press enter to accept and save.

Item invoice Purchase entry in As voucher mode.

You can enter the item invoice  voucher in As voucher mode.

  • Click on Item Invoice and As voucher button
  • Enter the date, Supplier Invoice No, Supplementary details as usual.
  • In the To or Cr Field Select the party name
  • In By or Dr Field choose Purchase Ledger and press enter
  • Inventory allocation screen will appear. Enter stock item, Unit rate etc.

Inventory allocation in item invoice purchase entry as voucher

  • Press enter to accept the screen
  • Enter narration and save.

Item Invoice as voucher in tally erp 9

Purchase voucher entry for GST

If you are a GST registered dealer and want to enter purchase invoices with GST taxes like CGST & SGST for local purchase & IGST for interstate purchase. You have to follow the below steps.

02-06-2018 ABC Ltd an electronics goods dealer Purchases 10 No Samsung mobiles @ 15000  from SAMSUNG INDIA PVT LTD a Local dealer. The GST rate for mobile is 12 % & hsn code 8517 .

Now let’s enter purchase invoice with tally

Accounting Voucher > F9 Purchase

gst purchase entry local purchase

GST purchase entry for interstate transaction

If the above purchase  is an interstate transaction, you need make the following changes in the masters and voucher entry.

  • Create IGST ledger in place of CGST & SGST.
  • In supplier ledger, the state must be chosen ,different than your business registered. let’s choose Karnataka here.

purchase entry in tally inter state


Now you might have got some idea on how to make purchase entry in tally. Leave a comment for any doubts and clarifications.

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  • joel lewis

    my company does not deal with goods, rather we get approvals for clients for their projects.
    So i need to enter invoices and payments receipts under clients and against projects.
    There are multiple clients and each client has multiple projects. Please help me on how to move forward with this.

    • Hi Joel lewis
      Happy to help you. I guess you are running a consultant business. and not dealing with any physical goods.So your business is in service Industry category.So lets begin from the scratch.
      Set Tally as accounts only :
      To do this go to from the gateway of tally > F11 Features >Accounting features.
      In the feature screen you can see option Maintain accounts only : Yes
      Set Maintain Cost Center :yessave the screen.
      Now create Party names,
      Expense ledgers, sales ledgers
      Select cost centers are applicable in all ledgers
      Now go to Gateway of tally >Acconts info> Cost center>Create

      Now you can start entering sales, receipt purchase & expense vouchers, but remember you must choose right project for each transactions is related to.
      You can Each project report here
      Gateway of Tally>Display>Statement of Accounts>Cost centers

      You can contact me for any further help.

  • jahnavi

    I want to know some modification in Purchase voucher as in our company we received the invoices after the shipment was completed. for example shipment was done on 01/02/2016 and supplier has send us invoice on 20/02/2016. in that case i want to enter both the date in purchase voucher, but in tally it is not accepting different data.
    can you help me in the case.

  • Rajitha

    Hi,We are transport company we are charging our cliants Transport income and our cost is transport cost paid to our transporter.I have fllowed your instruction above which you gave to Saju.But when i’m viweing report List of all sales vouchers with profit,cost column is zero.may i have advise from you for resolve this.



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