Receipt voucher or receipt entry in tally ERP 9

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Before knowing receipt entry in tally we should know what is a receipt?. As such  sale , receipt is equally important in a business. We use receipt when someone pay us a certain some of money towards the consideration of sale, service or any other repayment & Payments like loan ,advances etc. In such cases we issue a printed receipt as an acknowledgment of money receipt. Receipt is a legal document that we received cash, cheque from other party. Let’s start entering receipt voucher in Tally ERP 9.

Receipt Entry or Receipt Voucher

Today we are going to learn receipt voucher or receipt entry in tally erp 9. To record all receipt in to cash or bank account is the purpose receipt voucher in tally.

Based on the nature, we can classify the receipt transactions in to two.

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What is a Cash receipt?

A cash receipt is the one, when transaction is settled through cash or money receiving through cash, for example,

  • Cash brought by Rajeev as capital Rs 100000.00
  • Cash received from Asia pacific Rs 15000.00
  • Advance repaid by Mr X
  • Loan amount repaid by Mr Y

The above four are the examples of cash receipt

What is a Bank receipt?

 Bank receipt are the amount received  through bank using instruments like check, DD, online transfer like NEFT,RTGS etc.

When receiving a check or DD, we will deposit this into our bank account, bank credit the money in our account after collecting this money from drawer’s bank. Online transfer is the fastest way of bank transactions.

Examples of the banking receipt transactions.

  • Amount transferred through NEFT ( National electronic fund transfer) Rs 50000.00 by Ambuja cements to our SBI A/c  # 651
  • Check no 546845 received Rs 1000 on account of Commission.
  • Loan disbursement by TATA Finance vice cheque no 963654 rs 1 Crore.

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How to enter receipt voucher in Tally ERP 9

Let’s consider some of the above example for receipt entry.To enter cash receipt transactions

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Go to  Gateway of Tally>>Accounting voucher

To access receipt voucher Press F6 Shortcut key or click on F6 Receipt button on the right button panel.

recipt button

Now we are in receipt voucher entry screen


Receipt voucher entry in single entry mode

We are going to enter the transaction given in the above example the first two transactions will be entering in single entry voucher mode .

  • Cash brought by Rajeev as capital Rs 100000.00
  • Cash received from Asia pacific Rs 15000.00

Activate single entry mode

The image shown above is the single entry mode of receipt voucher.If this is not your case you can activate the single entry mode by Clicking F12 Configure button from your keyboard or on the right button panel of Tally ERP 9.

Now you are in a receipt voucher configuration screen. Enable the option

Use Single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers: Yes

Receipt configuration

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  • Cash brought by Rajeev as capital Rs 100000.00

The journal entry for the transaction is

Date Particulars Ledger Folio( LF ) Debit Amount Credit Amount
1/9/2012 Cash………Dr 100000.00
To ; Capital 100000
(Cash brought as capital by rajeev)


Debit– cash –  because, cash coming in to business (debit what comes in)

Credit– Rajeev’s capital – as the liability increases.

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Cash Receipt  Entry

Now let’s enter this cash receipt in tally, change the date by pressing F2 shortcut key or click on date button if required.

In tally receipt voucher single entry mode the debit should be always on top just after Account Field


  • Here cash is the debit aspect;
  • press enter to move on to the next filed,  Particulars select Rajeev’s capital which is the credit aspects.
  • Type the amount of receipt here it is 100000
  • Enter narration in the narration field. The final screen looks like this.

capital recipt

Press Enter key or Use short cut key Ctrl+A  or use Y from keyboard to accept and save the voucher.

The second transaction is a cash receipt from debtor.

Cash received from Asia pacific Rs 15000.00. The journal entry is

Date Particulars Ledger Folio( LF ) Debit Amount Credit Amount
1/9/2012 Cash………Dr 15000.00
To ; Asia Pacific 15000
(Cash received from Asia Pacific towards the settlement of bill)


Debit-cash because cash is coming in to the business (debit what comes in)

Credit– the giver Asia pacific (credit the giver).Follow the same procedure explained in the first example.The completed receipt voucher will look like this.


Receipt voucher in double entry mode

Now you know how to make a receipt voucher in double entry mode. To do this click on F12 Configure button.and de-activate the option.

Use Single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers: No

The Voucher double entry receipt voucher screen will look like below image, there is a slight change in the screen.You can have a look and compare both the voucher screens.

A typical double entry receipt screen

Bank Receipt entry In Tally ERP

Lets enter the following example receipt transactions

  • Amount transferred through NEFT Rs 50000.00 by  Ambuja cements to our SBI A/c  # 651

The journal entry for the same is

Date Particulars Ledger Folio( LF ) Debit Amount Credit Amount
1/9/2012 SBI A/c # 651 ……..Dr 50000.00
To ; Ambuja Cements 50000
(Cheque received from Ambuja cement )


The above transaction is a bank transaction, let’s say it bank receipt, here the money is transferring through an electronic medium called National electronic fund transfer.

  • Change the date by pressing F2 or using date button
  • In the voucher entry screen you can see ‘To‘ This means the credit aspects of transaction.The credit should be entered here Here Ambuja Cements.
  • Press enter key & enter the credit amount in credit fields.
  • No you are in ‘By’ field, this means the debit of a transaction,Here Sbi A/c No 651.Select the account and enter the amount.
  • Enter narration if required

The completed double entry receipt voucher look like this.


We can enter one more bank receipt voucher as in the below example.

  • Check no 546845 received Rs 1000 on account of Commission deposited in Axis bank a/c  # 451.

The journal entry is

Date Particulars Ledger Folio( LF ) Debit Amount Credit Amount
1/9/2012 Axis bank a/c # 451 ……..Dr 50000.00
To ; Commision Received 50000
(Cheque received towards commision of axis bank )
  • Axis bank a/c # 451  – Debit – Dr  – debit what comes in
  • Commission received- Credit – Cr – Credit all incomes and gains

Here we are receiving check and the same has been depositing in our axis bank account. See the entry in below image.


If you want to use Cr/Dr instead of To/By Press F12 configuration screen.

Use cr dr instead of to by

The receipt voucher will look like this

Dr cr receipt voucher

Hope you understand the receipt voucher entry in tally. For any question please use comment form below.

Watch the video tutorial on how to enter receipt voucher in tally ERP9

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  • microqatar

    If i have two user in tally, how i know who entry data or create invoice .
    from where i knows it?

    • Saju


      You can , find out the user by enabling security control while creating /altering company. under security control, enable use tally audit features. and save the comapny
      then go to Display—-statement of accounts—-tally audit— users find user name and press enter to see the details

      we will be giving a detailed tutorial on this soon

  • Ramdas


    how to import excel data (sales list, purchase list, expenses details) to tally.

  • SriRaj

    how to enter cheque deposit into bank in tally?

  • Can I make a common narration for all receipt entries. like “Fees once paid will not be refunded” or “retain receipt for refund deposit”????
    I need the same content for all receipt entries. Is it possible???

  • suresh

    Rs.330000/- NEFT sent SBI current A/c by Raju.

  • ashish

    i am not user friendly with tally and working in tally 9 , i have to pass a entry of demand draft ,

    which my bank issue in favor of ” DD PNB A/c Custom duty ” from my current a/c by cheque

    • Saju

      Understand the purpose of the DD and make a ledger if it is for the purpose of any registration fee create an account of “Rates & Taxes” or “registration expense” then

      Rates and taxes ………….Dr

      To, Bank account

      give narration with complete details

  • Amar SIngh

    Dear Sir,
    Mujhe Tally(9.0) me Contra me entry krne me preshani ho rhi hai,or mujhe samjh me nhi aa rha he ki Contra Voucher me Entry kaise ki jayegi.


  • Danish

    If i have to post the transaction in back date how can i Post

  • bhagyashree

    How to create commission on sales entry in sales voucher?
    And how to create payment entry of commission to agent?
    And how to create received amt of sales in receipt voucher?

  • anil

    sir how can i entry expense in recipt voucher. please explain it

    • Saju

      pls tell me why do you want to enter expense in receipt voucher, are you cancelling a payment entry by reversing ? if it is so go to gateway of tally>>Accounting vouchers >>F6 , and select expense ledger refer this link

  • Hi sir,
    i wont to khown how to pass entry in tall if,taransaction is “owner deposited cheque in bank as capital.

  • For Bank entries (Receipts & Payments) we have option “Transaction Type” like DD, Cheque,
    Now I want to know separately the entries for DD. How to generate that report???
    Kindly comment!!!

    • I couldn’t find any option to extract DD alone from your bank ledger. but if you use narration and put word DD in your narration then we can extract this by using Range filter.

  • Mohammed Iftekhar

    Good Morning Sir,

    How to pass expenses entry without knowing capital,

  • answers were incomplete.but not all the answers most of them are complete

  • pravin paitidar

    how to entry of any firm owner for withdraw money from firm in tally erp 9

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    we received tds refund in our a/c
    so will it be enter in receipt voucher in tally erp ?

    pls reply soon

  • niyas

    I want to record cash receipt from a customer for service sale. I want to get report of incomes which comes under each customer which voucher i have to pass entries

  • raj

    how to record in tally daily cash received from sale and sale received credit from card

  • Dinesh Joshi

    i deposited a cheque in Bank on dt. 16.12.2016 and this cheque cleared in bank on dt. 19.12.2016 so on which date i should entered this transaction in tally.

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  • Nitesh

    Hi, plz tell me ansr of this question-
    In a compmany due to the increase in the volume of the business, there are a large number of transaction entries. The accounts department is facing problem in matching the payment of the party with the invoice. Identify a process for maintaining the accounts systematically in Tally ERP 9?
    a) Activate maintain bill-wise details in accounting feature tally.
    b) Activate advanced entries in master configuration.
    c) Activate use single entry for payment/receipt/contra in accounting features of Tally.
    d) Activate pre allocate bills for payment/receipt in accounting features of Tally.

  • R. Sai Prasad

    Dear Sir,
    I am an accountant in a association, and my tally erp 9 does not have the option to view the receipt and payments statement, even though I have the option of income and expenditure. I know very well that cash book is the source of receipt and payments, but I want the receipt and payment option in Tally 9jk

    I request you that how I can view the receipt and payments after income expenditure.

    Thanking you,
    R. Sai Prasad,
    Chennai 600 017.
    Mobile 98405 12946.


    Hi sir,
    I am in Dubai, my company started in 2013 and no accounts where maintained. Right now i am bringing tally to the organization and i do need to know how it possible to prepare previous years expenses or is it good to show 2017 accounts only from initial capital and all.

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