Restore deleted vouchers/invoice ( recycle bin) in Tally ERP 9

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Many tally users are seeking for recycle bin facility in tally erp 9 for recovering deleted vouchers and invoices.There is no inbuilt feature to recover deleted entries in tally erp 9. However a free add-on is created by Shweta Softwares ( updates : not working on latest versions ) .  Paid add-ons are available in tally shop. Let’s learn how to plug in this add-on to tally erp 9. This add-on is very useful when you accidentally delete a voucher or invoice.

The recycle bin is almost similar function of windows recycle bin.The add-on will change the functionality of Delete button. The voucher will be converted into optional voucher and make sure that the voucher is not reflecting in the books of account.

Download the recycle bin add-on

There are two add-on is available in the Tally shop

The best thing is that this add-on is regularly updating , but you have to pay a small charge for it. For single user 283 & gold user 850 INR.

  1. Recycle bin -Restore deleted vouchers 1.1 developed by G Seven computers Business P Ltd.
  2. Smart Dust Bin 1.1  developed by priyam infosystems

The first one is having little advanced as you can prevent a user from accessing recycle bin.

To buy this add-on go to tally shop or use shortcut key Ctrl+S

Tally shop

Make sure that you are connected to the internet, Type recycle bin in the search box provided.

recycle bin search in tally shop

Choose the best one , and buy or you can try these add-on for three days.

recycle bin buy or try

You can click on buy button to buy , Here i am evaluating the product for 3 days clicked on try.


  • A success message will display. Now you have installed the recycle bin add-on.
  • Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Add-on Features
  • Enable recycle bin : Yes
  • Now go to Display > Daybook
  • Select a single voucher or multiple vouchers to delete & click  use space bar to select eaach voucher.

are you sure you want to delete

Click on Yes or press Y

How to restore deleted voucher

Now you can view these deleted vouchers in

Display> Recycle Bin

You will the list of deleted voucher.

deleted vouchers list

Select the voucher you want to delete and press enter.

list of deleted vouchers

To restore Press Enter again.

To permanently delete

Use Alt +D key to delete. and click on confirmation.

The below tdl is not working in latest versions. However if you are using an old version, you can try it.

Tally ERP 9 Recycle

Extract the zip file in local computer, Now copy the tcp file “rbin9-erp.tcp“.

Open Tally ERP 9 Software folder Usually the folder located at C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9. If you are unsure,to locate tally erp 9 software folder do the following action.

Right click on the Tally Icon > Properties >Open File Location

Paste the “rbin9-erp.tcp” file into Tally folder.

Now open Tally ERP 9 (  right click on tally  icon and run as administrator)  and load a company and go to

F12 Configuration> Product & Features > F4 Manage Local TDL

In the TDL Configuration screen do the following

Load TDL Files on startup : Yes

List of TDL Files to preload on startup:  rbin9-erp.tcp enter the tcp files name with extension we have copied. the below image give you clear idea.


Press enter key to accept and save.

How do tally erp 9 recycle bin work

Now when deleting a voucher, a new type of confirmation will be asked as shown in the image

Voucher deletion confirmation

Give yes to delete a voucher. on more confirmation will be asked for sending this to recycle bin.


Now you have deleted the voucher and send to the recycle bin.

How to recover deleted voucher in tally erp 9

To restore or recover deleted voucher, you have to go back to gateway of tally.


Gateway of Tally> Recycle Bin

You will find all deleted vouchers in the recycle bin.

Recycle bin

Select a voucher you want to restore and press enter. You will get a message” About to RESTORE Voucher. Press ENTER – key to confirm” see the image below.


The deleted voucher or invoice will have restored. Hope the tutorial helps.

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