How to view and restore cancelled voucher numbers in Tally ERP 9

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You can view and restore a cancelled voucher numbers in tally erp 9. Remember you cannot restore a voucher which was cancelled. Restoring of cancelled voucher is possible only if you have the data back of tally erp 9.

We can re-use the cancelled voucher if you wish, meaning a new voucher can be entered on the cancelled voucher number. we cannot restore the same voucher entry which was cancelled.

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How to view canceled voucher in tally erp 9

To view the cancelled voucher, you have to go to

Gateway of Tally >Exception Reports>Cancelled Vouchers

A list of cancelled vouchers will be shown in the image.


You can also see canceled vouchers in Reports like daybook, sales register, purchase registers etc.

Here is a typical view of cancelled voucher from daybook.


How to restore or re-use canceled voucher number or invoice number.

Lets restore the sales voucher number 1 from the above list.Select the canceled voucher or place cursor on the canceled voucher and press enter.You will get a voucher with no amount labeled with ‘cancelled’ 


Press enter to input the details of a fresh voucher as shown below iamge


and save the voucher, You are you will see that the voucher number one will be re-used.

day book


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